November 9, 2012

A Sign

A friend of mine has had a serious accident. His wife is one of my dearest friends, he too is a very close friend, and my heart is breaking for them and their children.

I wanted to write a blog post but nothing funny would come. And it felt wrong to be writing funny stories when my friends are in such terrible crisis.

I talked to my friend L. about it. L. is part of our close group of friends, and equally as affected by the situation.

"I can't write," I told her. "I can't be funny."

"You have to write," she said. "A. would tell you to keep writing. He would tell you to get on with your normal life."

And then it occurred to me exactly what A. would say. "No, you're wrong," I told her. "A. would tell me that I must stop writing for at least a year, if not two, and then demand that I put a massive sign on my blog telling him to get well soon."

There was a pause, and then L. laughed. "Yep," she said. "That's exactly what he'd say."

My thoughts are with my amazing friends J. and A. And here is a sign. It's not massive, but it is heartfelt.


  1. So appropriate given the situation. Nice post, hope your friend gets better soon.

  2. I don't know what to say except I wish your friend a full and speedy recovery. Love and light to you all. xo

  3. It can be hard to say the "right" thing at moments like these, but you've done so ;)

  4. Thinking of you and your friend lots these past few days. Sending the most positive and healing vibes possible. xo

  5. Sending positive vibes to your friends....and you too.

  6. Naw, this gave me goosebumps! Best wishes and speedy recoveries being sent from here, Kim

  7. He's hanging in there. Hopefully there will be good news. xx

  8. Wishing for good news for your friend A - and his family - and thinking of you x

  9. Sending you and your friends lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses during this trying time

  10. Kerri, your blog makes a lot of overwrought ladies laugh... but you are not holding our spirits singlehandedly and you can take a break if you need to. We'll still be anxious and child-ridden when you're ready to be funny again. xx

  11. May your friend get well soon, Kerrie...and may his life with his loving family soon get back to normal. My best wishes go out to them.

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