I absolutely love it and am stunned by how much I relate to it. If your aim was to not just make people laugh but also connect with them on a much deeper level then believe me you have achieved that.
- WK

I want to tell you how brave you are.....for making the path for so many just that little bit easier. You can sleep tonight knowing you have likely opened doors to new beginnings for so many people by helping to normalise something that affects so many.
- RK

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing 'The Little Book of Anxiety'. I started reading your book this morning and have laughed and cried already as I see myself and my behaviours written so openly on the pages..... Your honesty and insight is greatly appreciated.
-  BN

What more can I say other than 'read this book if you have experienced anxiety'?. This book hit the spot for me, because I get it. It's not intended to be a self-help book full of well-meaning advice - rather, it told me in no uncertain words that I'm not alone.
- Monique Mulligan, Write Note Reviews

Kerri Sackville has written a beautifully candid and insightful story about anxiety.
- Angela Mollard

Your book made me realise that so much of my behaviour is shaped by my anxieties rather than me just being 'weird' or 'insecure'. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for your honesty and willingness to share your life with complete strangers, it really has made a difference to an anxiety suffer like me.
- WS

I had to drop you a line or two as I've never been so shocked to see someone accurately articulate anxiety!
- BL

Reading your book has made me feel more comfortable about my anxiety and I seem to understand myself a bit more so thank you so much for writing this amazing book.
- JA

Loved it! I think we have the same thought pattern!!!!!! Thanks for making me realize I am not alone.
- HT

Just finished your book. I didn't want to put it down. It was compelling, honest, sad, funny and so well written. And while I don't have anxiety issues, I could relate in so many ways.
- MD

As a psychologist I have recommended your book to a number of clients who have reported back to me that they loved it.
- LK

I can't tell you how comforting it is to know that other (especially high functioning worriers) are out there, getting on with it - doing the hard yards of managing what can be such a debilitating state.  Your book was just the right mix of disclosure, discussion, hope, support and remedy.
- MJ

I finished your book last night - and I really think it is BRILLIANT! So honest, candid, brave- but also real and funny and thought provoking. Thank you.
- LK

Thank you times a million. I'm basically tearing up at the thought that perhaps I'm not alone in my boat, that you've been in there before and left a trail of breadcrumbs so I can find my way back to shore.
- RM

I just finished reading The Little Book of Anxiety, it was great. I have been going through this myself and saw a lot of similarities of my thoughts and experiences. Thank you for writing such an honest book.
- WN

You gave me insight and a good laugh... and lets be honest, in the world of anxiety a good laugh never goes astray!  :-)
- BK
I related so much to a lot of your experiences in your book. Catastrophising... ‘Oh my goodness’ I am a professional at that! Thank you Kerri for sharing your experiences and words through your book.
- KJ

It made me cry and laugh but it was fantastic! Thanks for sharing all your stories.
- LC

- RM

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