Don't think this is just another one of those married-lady memoirs about how annoying it is when hubby leaves his undies on the floor. It's hilarious, it really is.
- NW Magazine

Billed as what marriage looks like after three children and 150 years of togetherness, this memoir will have you giggling all the way to the laundry basket.
- Australian Women's Weekly

This is very much a laugh out loud (or at least chortle very softly – so as not to call attention to yourself), roll your eyes, and look around to see who is watching you while you are reading it type of book.
- The Hungry Bookshelf

Putting aside the laughs and the light-hearted feel of this book, what I love most about it is summed up right at the end: “If I was writing The Architect’s and my love story, it would be deeply romantic… But this book isn’t The Architect’s and my love story. It’s about what comes after the love story. And what comes after the love story isn’t always romantic.”
That is this book’s truth. And the truth so many of us need, to know we’re not alone in our spew-stained trackie pants.Australian Women Online

She is bloody funny and made me laugh so loudly and frequently while reading this book that in the end my husband threw me out of bed and suggested that the title should really be 'When my husband does the dishes it’s to get away from his unhinged wife'.
Kylie Ladd, author

If you’ve been waiting for the definitive commentary on modern family life – this might just be it.
- SassiSam

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