July 5, 2010


And finally, with tremendous thanks to gotads, it is here.
The Meatball Song.
Click on to see full screen.
And turn your sound up. Or, perhaps, down....



    So many questions. What do you use in your hair to make it look so freaking wonderful?

    Could your kids be any cuter?

    Were they brown uggies?

    Is that your voice?

    BTW, forward this onto Nicole. She needs to see your star is rising and to keep a tight grip on Keith.

    Fantastic and well done to Ads :)

  2. God, I love this!

    And I want to know how to do it for my re-writes...

    Not that I can sing, or pretend to be Peter Garrett, or Train.

  3. Yeah, you still look better than me when you wake up in the morning... LOL

    Very good Kerri! You'll be a viral video hit in no time.

  4. WATCH OUT KESHA!!!!!!!!!

  5. Brilliant...and funny...and you look fantastic...and no, Kerri didn't pay me (yet) to say this.
    Forgot my headphones, so I walked on the promenade at Bondi listening to it...LOUD!!!

  6. Oh no fair! I don't have sound on my dodgy old laptop. It looks great though and you look great Kerri! Awesome.

  7. Hilarious - and your teeth are so white! No sign of grinding. :-)

    Here's to 1 million hits and You Tube fame.

  8. Caroline OveringtonJuly 6, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    That is truly excellent.

  9. Hi Kerri,

    I've been in hibernation for the last 6 months or so, but have still been reading every post as I have done since day 1. I just haven't been blog commenting.

    However, this one deserves a comment.

    You are fabulous!

    I can see why you were hired for that TV series as a teenager. You're great in front of the camera.

    This might be the beginning of a big career!

  10. Wow. Sheer brilliance. Song AND video clip!

    What I wanna know is: did Hubby freak out about the meatballs rolling across the floor? Seeing he likes his house damage free and all. ;)

  11. You are a crack-up. I showed my offspring and the first thing Mr Small said was: "Watch again please mummy." So far he's seen it 6 times. I think you have a hit on your hands.

  12. Totally awesome. Wait till Simon Baker sees this. Where do I sign up to the fan club? Will there be a monthly magazine, and personal appearances at WESTFIELDS.......?

  13. Totally awesome. Wait till Simon Baker sees it. Where do I sign up for the fan club? Will there be a monthly magazine, and appearances at WESTFIELDS ?.......

  14. The spaghetti at the end is priceless. You both did a faaaaabulous job, in front of - and behind - camera.

  15. That is awesome! My beasts love it. I love it too.

    You are ace lady xxx

  16. The ONLY thing missing is some product placements Kerri!! You could be making a fortune from Latina love!

    Seriously though that is genius, love it!

  17. Oh my god! You are freakin' hilarious!

  18. wow - soo good!!!!
    love it - absolutely brilliant :)

    [word verification... disher LOL]

  19. Bahahaha! Love it... you go girl! I will see this on ACA next week, it will be even bigger than barking man ;)

  20. Oh that is just bloody brilliant :) Very very very impressed :)

  21. You bloody well rock. Loved the pants off it!

    I also reckon you could give Weird Al Yankovic a run for his money :)

    Lisa xo

  22. Sue (Just_Leithal)July 7, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    Total absolute awesome-ness! Fender4Eva beat me to the Simon Baker reference! I think this could lead to something if you play your cards right! ;)

    So brilliant! You'll be glogbal before you know it.

  23. Thank you for the ear worm! Speaking of which, the spaghetti was gold. Cold and gold.

  24. I just have to say that I totally listened to this first thing this morning and the freakin' tune has stayed in my head all day. I reckon if you changed the lyrics to be about sex or something you would totally have a top 40 on your hands!
    Bloody awesome. Freaking hilarious.

  25. Bahahaha! Love it... you go girl! I will see this on ACA next week, it will be even bigger than barking man ;)


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