July 9, 2010

The Making Of 'The Meatball Song'

Those of you who have seen The Meatball Song will have seen a beautifully polished piece of cinematic art*. (Yes, the sound you just heard was a dozen cups of tea being snorted out of a dozen noses.)

Well, friends, appearances can be deceptive. Because, although the clip no doubt looked seamless and utterly professional to you (and now the sound you hear is a dozen pieces of biscuit being coughed up), in fact, it is a work of illusion.

The truth is, I'm a pretty lousy singer, an even worse dancer, and - as you will see from this Blooper reel, half the time I can't even walk well, either. As for miming... well, to be honest, I'm even typing this post out of sync.

So watch this Making Of The Meatball Song clip, and see me forget to sing at the appropriate time, fall off the balcony, fall over the dishwasher, get stuck in a wig, find it impossible to roll a meatball (which is not actually a meatball at all, but that's another story...) and attempt to deal with a wayward toddler who has strayed into the scene.

And remember: EFFORT, not quality, counts.

*If you haven't seen The Meatball Song, see the post below, because this clip isn't going to make much sense otherwise.


  1. I think...maybe...yes - I DID laugh even more watching this than the actual clip of the song! SLIGHTLY more - but more nonetheless. Hilarious.

    BTW - WTF was Yoshi doing in the fridge? Can't wait to show the 8yo that.

    Oh, and 2nd BTW - 3yo has been walking around singing The Meatball Song. True.

  2. Good to see the real woman behind the dancing/singing/writing/directing enigma that is Kerri Sackville. Not only are you giving Weird Al Yankovic a run for his money, but 'Australia's Funniest Home Videos' should watch their back too :-D

  3. Fantastic! Oh, this was the bloopers? Wow, thought it was thereel thing...

    No serioyusly, I am in awe of your talent and also admit to a huge case of clip envy.

  4. Haha, Love how the kids are just going about it like it's a normal day. Mum throwing Telstra bills around the house and talking to herself in mirrors.

    Very funny Miss Sackville.


  5. Oh, that was fun!!
    Thank you! :D


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