July 16, 2009

Roughing It For Freedom (or Holidays With Nana)

So here I am at House Basic on the coast. I don't enjoy camping (using 'don't enjoy' in the sense of 'look at people who do it and scream internally "Why, for the love of god, WHY????"') so this is the closest I get to roughing it.

And it's rough. There is no internet access (or at least there wasn't until I discovered wireless broadband), no Foxtel (which hurts ), and the TV has actual knobs and an aerial. We go for walks in the park, read books, and play parlour games. It's like living in Jane Austen's England, only very slightly more advanced.

Still, it's a place of great serenity, with a lovely view, and lots of wildlife. Bush turkeys wander round, giant spiders crawl the walls, and rodents scamper across the floor. They leave their cute little mouse droppings everywhere, including inside the traps we leave for them (but only after cleverly removing the bits of cheese).

Still, despite the tremendous physical hardships, it's fantastically relaxing being here with my mum and the kids. For one thing, I get to eat vegemite toast every night for dinner while the kids eat pasta (and my husband back home is on his fifth night of pizza).

For another thing, I stop being a parent.

Yes, when I am staying with my mum, I forget I have children. No, I don't forget my kids exist - their volume renders that impossible - but I forget that they are mine. And so does my mum.

Yes, Nana asks them what they want for dinner and cooks it, reminds them to put their jackets on, and tells them to brush their teeth. She picks up their wet towels from the floor, washes their clothes, and rescues Toddler when she gets too close to the stove. I, on the other hand, doze on the couch, lifting my head only to kiss one of my kids goodnight when they are presented to me, clean and shiny after the bath that Nana gave them.

So complete is the role reversal that, on one memorable occasion when popping out to the shops Mum asked me "Will you be okay with them while I'm gone?"

So thanks for the holiday, Mum. I'll put up with the rodents, and the spiders, and even the aerial. Freedom (from kids) comes at a price, and I am more than willing to pay.

Oh, yes, and a cup of tea would be lovely! Thanks...


  1. You can come to Boonah for holidays next time. But no way am I looking after the kids. Even though most kids love me. Except that one girl who refused to smile in a fucking photo today for the newspaper. Screw you, honey.

    But anyway, I'm such a kids person!

  2. My mum used to be like that when she only had one or two grandchildren - especially when they were babies.

    Now I have 3 and so does my sister - and she moved across the road from them while we live three hours away.

    When we do get together I think mum has used up a lot of her grandmother energy before we even arrive.

    Enjoy it while you can Kerrie, and if you are lucky it will last a long time :-)

  3. I had these grand plans of running away with you and leaving it all behind but if you don't mind - can your mum come too ?

  4. Your Mum sounds great! Hands-on Grandmas are the BEST!

  5. Can your mum adopt me? She sounds absolutely divine...I'm glad you're having a fab time.

    ps. Could you take a picture of the bush turkeys and upload it on twitter? I haven't seen one before. Are they like normal turkeys but with bushier feathers? LOLZ

  6. Hey Brenda, will see what I can do! Might give my son the project of attempting to photograph the turkeys. Would you like a mouse or spider too??? xx

  7. Enjoy your break in the wilderness, your mum sounds faaaabulous & if I were you, I'd put in a request for a fresh batch of scones with the tea.

  8. I hope Mr Darcy turned up before you left....


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