July 3, 2014


Flaunt your curves this summer.

Supermodel Blah Blah flaunts her post baby body.

Large Actress Hoosiwhatsis proudly shows off her curves.

Flaunty Flaunty Curve Curve Curve

I tell you, if I see one more headline like that I'm going to take my own curves and wrap them around the neck of whoever wrote that stupid article and suffocate them till they repent.

Seriously. What is it with women flaunting their curves? Women do not flaunt. Okay, the occasional actress or model poses for the red carpet with certain parts of her thrust at a pleasing angle, because she's trying to take a nice photo, and it's her job to look alluring. But these headlines generally appear under pictures of women walking down the street, or standing in front of the camera doing nothing much at all.

You don't see headlines screaming about men flaunting their curves. "Jack Nicholson flaunts his curves at the beach on Sunday!" "Jonah Hill flaunts his curves in Armani at the premiere of his new movie."

No. Because men do not flaunt their curves. Men simply occupy their bodies. They live in them. If they are big men, if they have rounded bellies or fat arses or a broad chest they are not accused of 'flaunting' them. That is just the shell surrounding their personhood. As well it should be.

So why the fuck are we women referred to as 'flaunting' our curves if we dare to have them? Well, I suspect it's some kind of deranged backlash to the whole 'thin is best' culture that we are trying to shake off. It's okay, the magazine headlines are screaming. You don't have to be thin! Curves are good too! And so women who have curves are seen to be flaunting them with pride. We are happy to be curvy! We want to show off our curves to the world!

But that's bullshit. Curvy women are not necessarily flaunting their bodies any more than skinny women are necessarily flaunting theirs. They are just walking around in the bloody things, because you know what? They don't have a choice. It's not like you can browse through your body wardrobe and decide, hey, I want a curvy look today, let's put on the size 12 bod and have some fun with it! No. We wake up every day in the same body and it just IS.

There are days when we all feel good and flaunt ourselves, curvy or thin, short or tall. There are days when we feel crap and want to hide away, curvy or thin, short or tall. But to automatically assume that a women is 'flaunting' her body, no matter what she looks like, no matter what she is wearing, no matter what she is feeling, is incredibly disrespectful and objectifying.

Please magazines. PLEASE stop referring to women flaunting their bodies. Just write 'Here is actress Dum De Dum Dum standing in front of a building wearing clothes.' Because you know what? That's all it actually is.

Or talk about Jonah Hill flaunting his bloody curves. And then we'll have something to discuss.


  1. *stands and applauds*

    Women have to put up with so much shit from the media... it just sucks!

    And if I see one comment from a bloke saying "yeah, but it happens to men sometimes too" I'm going to get stabby... guys, women have to put up with this bullshit ALL THE TIME - we don't, so just don't go there...

  2. Oh dear, yes, every time I go out in public I am "flaunting" my rolls and curves and huge arse. Because I can't just walk around the supermarket and buy milk. So sick of this media bullshit.

  3. I hate that so many of the headlines are body-related. "Curves Ahead" "Half their Size" "Bikini Bodies" "Too Thin" and so forth... Gah!

  4. UGH. Why does peoples' weight even have to be an issue anyway??? Why do we care so bloody much?

  5. I'm so with you on that one! Well said, Kerri.

  6. I KNOW! Either curvy or too thin. Can't win!

  7. Well said! (having just gone bra shopping today because I've put on a bit of weight, a bigger size is not necessarily a good thing and actually something I put off - I'm certainly not 'flaunting them', more trying to tame them!)

  8. I'm so sick of the magazines at the check out plastered in photos of celebrities and headlines about their curves, bones or new diets! How did we get this way? It's sad.

  9. PMSL at Jonah Hill flaunting his curves!!


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