May 17, 2013

Accidentally Fancypants

So the other day I somehow bought a baby on a whim. (Not a human baby, of course. I wouldn't pay money for one of those. [Though I may occasionally pay someone to take one of mine away.])

No, I bought a furry baby. A little rescue kitten. And I didn't mean to buy her. I truly didn't. I had intended to pick up my son from school and drive him directly home. But my friend Lana had mentioned over breakfast that the vet near my home had some rescue kittens, and a sudden, feline madness took over.

"Can I make a quick stop?" I asked my son impulsively.

"Okay," he said. "Do you need to go to the shops?"

"No, not shops," I said, and parked the car. The kittens were calling to me. They were girls, I just knew it. My Princess Fancypants was inside waiting.

Seriously - could YOU resist this face?

My son looked confused as we walked into the vet. "Mum, what are we..."

"I hear you have rescue kittens?" I asked the receptionist.

"NO," he said. "No! REALLY?" (My son, that is. The receptionist said "Yes!" as I knew she would. Because I could see the kittens beside the door.)

""We have two little girls here at the moment," she said, and I looked over and there I saw my baby.

She was tiny, and cute, with four little white socks. She had huge green eyes, and a Fancypants face.

"Penelope!" I cried, and I still don't know why. I don't like the name Penelope; at least, I didn't before. But she was totally Penelope. It may as well have been written on her collar. (But she didn't have a collar. She was way too small.)

So Princess Penelope Fancypants has come to live with us. And already we know quite a bit about her. She likes tuna, but definitely doesn't like chicken. She likes her bouncy ball, but thinks the toy mouse is lame. She likes her scratching post but refuses to scratch it. And if she wants to sleep under the couch all day then she's damn well going to do it and there's nothing we can do but RESPECT.

We welcome the newest member of our family. We will serve you, Penelope, and you own us already.

But if anyone else ever casually mentions a rescue animal, I'm going to block my ears, hum, and drive on.


  1. We did the same when we got our first cat... total impulse buy... Princess Rhalina... she's now 10, but still runs around the house like a kitten... which is great, apart from when she does it ALL NIGHT like she did Wednesday night this week... then we want to bloody sell her on e-Bay...

    A year later we bought Prince Cornelius-Jhary... he's the opposite... very relaxed and subdued... We always say that Rhali thinks she's a person, but C-J knows he's a cat... they usually ignore each other, have a loud hissy fight once a day... but very very occasionally you'll walk into a room and they are sitting next to each other, almost touching... and once, I swear they were snuggled up to each other... but then they get up and look kind of embarrassed that we found them being nice to each other...

    Kerri... like kids, there will be bad times. Penny will be naughty. She will be mischievous. She will break things. She we find new and interesting places to leave a present for you (and by present, I mean poo). She will have the midnight crazies and keep you awake all night.

    But her love is unconditional. No matter how often you may get upset with her, five minutes later she will be back, looking for a warm lap to sleep on,purring loudly with contentment...

    Congrats Kerri... Penny is absolutely gorgeous... welcome to the world of crazy cat lovers... one of us.... ONE OF US!!!

  2. 2 are twice the fun and no more of a bother xx ;-)

  3. Princess Penelope Fancypants is adorable and a very lucky kitty. Cats are so calming. We have a little girl, who was a stray or abandoned and obviously homeless. She turned up on our door step one July morning 4 years ago and fell in love with my son and has never left. She is most loved.

  4. TOTALLY get it. 18 months ago I went to do the groceries and came with a Labrador. Like a gift with purchase. But not. I may well be the worst person on earth because Leo came from a pet store, but please don't judge me. I did blog about him here...

  5. Lana (Sharpest Pencil)May 17, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    Um, oops I once bought a dog (ie my second child) from a pet shop too and I cringe with shame when I admit it BUT in my defence I was not going to buy a dog I was going to buy a shirt. I also wrote about it here

  6. I rescued my cat Mick, from the RSPCA. The ungrateful bastard hasn't thanked me once. He eats everything I put down, and then just goes for a stroll, looking for lizards....Very bad manners, but VERY catlike. Damn, she's cute. If I was a male pussy, I'd be in love with her..

  7. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsMay 17, 2013 at 6:51 PM

    She is too gorgeous for words. Now I want a rescue kitten.

  8. She's gorgeous Kerry! I used to work as a pet nutritional advisor (yes there is such a job) so I have to ask - are you giving her a good quality kitten food as well as chicken and tuna? Important for growing kitties. Also watch 'sad cat diary' - funny cos it's true. Enjoy your new baby!!

  9. Miss Princess Penelope Fancypants is simply gorgeous and a bit regal, as her name suggests. She will charm her little feline way into all your hearts (if she hasn't already done so) and bestow much pleasure for all! We rescued our dog from death row at the pound and we're besotted with him. PS. You're training her well with those cat phone 'conversations':)

  10. Oh yes - we're giving her proper kitten food. Three meals a day. I'm very conscientious!

  11. Oh, what a divine story! (Though I do like the name PF1028...) x

  12. Yep. She has already had such a positive influence on us x

  13. I think I'll at least start with one!

  14. Are yours seriously Princess & Prince? What is WRONG WITH US????? xxx

  15. She is gorgeous! Oh now you have got me wanting another. I got a rescue cat for mothers day four years ago. At the time she was not very pretty, malnourished and missing bits of her fur. However under all of the dirt and mistreatment was a gorgeous cat, who looks very much like an older version of your girl.

  16. So cute! and love the name!
    Will Princess Penelope Fancypants end up with her own YouTube channel?

  17. Oh that is simply THE best name for a cat EVER!


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