December 10, 2012

The Reprieve

It was a dark day for us all. The Architect had been sneezing for weeks, and had decided that Hot Cross Bun Bun had to go. One of two rabbits who had replaced dear departed Spunky, Bun Bun is a lop-eared rabbit, who, apparently, is more allergenic than her normal-eared friend Pretzel.

Bun Bun was going back to the store.

My elder daughter wept. My son railed. My youngest daughter danced (she always dances, good or bad news). I seriously considered the prospect of getting rid of The Architect and keeping the bunny. But the bunny has limited earning potential, and so, with heavy heart, I said goodbye.

Bun Bun nervously awaits her fate
I took the girls out as it was too distressing for them to bid farewell to their beloved pet. The Architect and my son took out a box, lined it with straw, and left it out for Bun Bun to jump into.

In a touching moment of selflessness, Pretzel jumped in instead.

He was removed. Bun Bun was placed in the box and hauled off to the pet store.

According to my son, about halfway through the car journey my husband frowned. Apparently, he noticed that he was not sneezing, which was odd, as he was in a confined space with the highly allergenic Bun Bun. In the middle of a main road, he grabbed the bunny and sniffed deeply*.

He did not sneeze.

Clearly, my husband realised, it was the other bunny - the normal-eared bunny - who was the problem.

He turned the car around.

They returned home, swapped Bun Bun for Pretzel, and began driving again to the store.

Again, The Architect did not sneeze. Odd. Very odd.

Again, he grabbed the bunny and sniffed him in the middle of a road. He pulled out bits of fluff and sniffed them. Then, in desperation, he grabbed chunks of bunny straw and sniffed that.


So they drove home again. At this point, my son gave up in disgust and went inside to play computer. Occasionally, he would look out the window to see his father, with a puzzled expression, picking up each bunny in turn and sniffing deeply.

Eventually, The Architect conceded that he is not allergic to either bunny** and that he just has hay fever. So Bun Bun was saved, and Pretzel has her friend back.

And I did a happy dance of I Told You So. Yes, it was a good day indeed.

*Please note that there is currently no law prohibiting a driver of a motor vehicle holding a bunny

**As I have been suggesting for weeks


  1. OH HAPPY DAY!!! Glorious news for you all, so happy to hear. My Miss5 came in this morning with tears after dreaming about playing with our dog (that we lost in April). Pet loss is hard- so glad you avoided it this time.

  2. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsDecember 10, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    Yay, what fantastic news! Plus I love the food themed names, our rabbits were named Marmalade and Vegemite.

  3. Three cheers for Bun Bun and Pretzel and a box of Kleenex for The Architect!
    Have a great week.

  4. Hurray! I do love jigging an occasional "happy dance of I Told You So"...

  5. Quote: "*Please note that there is currently no law prohibiting a driver of a motor vehicle holding a bunny" End Quote............No, that law only applies to pussies.

    I'm doing the Bunny Dance now! I almost didn't read this post because I thought it would be too upsetting...but what a happy, happy outcome for all concerned...The Architect, included! It's so nice to have a happy ending for a change!

  6. all hail the bunnies! I'm so pleased that Bun Bun and Pretzel are still with you. Less please about the hayfever. Hope the anti-histamines kick in soon!

  7. I'm doing a happy dance of Hooray The Bunnies are Safe. Not quite as much fun as the dance of I Told You So, but fun nonetheless. Glad all are okay. Get some Zyrtec into that man.

  8. Kerri, is The Architect snnezing, when YOU'RE home ?........ :-)

  9. Or even SNEEZING ?

  10. Hilarious. Great news for the bunnies. Not so great for the Architect.

  11. Yay yay yay! Your Bun bun looks exactly like our 'Skipper' who is now living a perfect life in Murrumbeena in a large garden of which he has full access to and spends his nights with the family in front of the telly. Sadly, the dog came with us to Switzerland, but Skipper needed a new family. In our defence, it appears as obviously as a fluorotube in a cave that he's ended up in a far, far better place.

  12. My sympathies are with The Architect, and anyone else who suddenly has hayfever this year, even though they've never had it before and keep insisting, "but I don't get hayfever!" It's been a bad season for it. Glad Bun Bun was able to stay though, and Pretzel too.

  13. yes indeed - I am 60+ and just found out I'm allergic to work!- just kidding! - but something AT work. sniffle all the merry day! ok at home! must be air con - but worked there 10 years!

  14. That was hilarious Kerri! Absolutely brightened my day. I hope that you told The Architect that if he pulls a stunt like that again it will be him closed up in the box and returned!

  15. Yeah, The Architect has it bad. But Bun Bun is healthy, and that's the main thing :-)

  16. LOL. Fluorotube in a cave!! BRILLIANT metaphor!

  17. Don't think it hasn't occurred to me....

  18. Does Zyrtec make one sleep? Cause that would be AWESOME. A sleeping Architect is an easy Architect...

  19. I was already sobbing.................whew!

  20. Just started reading your blog and you made my husband and I both laugh out loud... Several times! Luckily the only audience we had (as we snorted and giggled) was our cat - and he makes quite strange noises too on occasion so isn't allowed to judge.

  21. Bun Bun the lop-eared rabbit. Hmmm... is ther a sluggy freelance fan living at your house by any chance? Not that I'm a almost 40yr old mum confessing to reading online comics, but it does make me smile.


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