October 3, 2012

HERE he is!!!

Here is an odd fact for you.

One day, late last year, I was driving in the city and I saw Wally walking in the street. I'm not even kidding. I'm not talking about Wally Lewis (I wouldn't recognise him if I ran him over in my car) or Wally Smith (who may or may not exist, I can't actually think of anyone else called Wally). It was Wally. As in Where's Wally. Walking down the road.

I tried to get a picture of Wally on my iPhone, but stopped when I remembered that it was illegal to use an iPhone whilst driving*. So sadly I don't have any photographic evidence, but I can assure you it was him. I can also assure you that he wasn't just a random guy in blue pants and a stripey red-and-white top - he had the stripey red-and-white hat to match, and if you can find one man in the universe who would wear that who is not Wally, then I'll show you a flying baboon**.

I searched the internet to no avail, and then took to Twitter to ask if anybody knew why Wally was walking around the streets of Sydney. No-one did. In fact, one or two people surmised that perhaps I'd been imagining things, and reiterated the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of Wally-sighting-inducing drugs.

So I let it all go, and pretty much forgot the whole incident.

Until now.

You see, Wally is suddenly back in my life.

As you may know, it is Wally's 25th anniversary***. And in honour of that anniversary, I have a magnificent prize pack to give away.

The pack consists of:
  • 1 x Adult 'Where's Wally' costume
  • 1 x Adult 'Where's Wally' Wenda costume
  • 1 x 25th Anniversary 'Where's Wally' Hardcopy collectors edition book
  • 1 x Where's Wally desktop standee
Total value $110.
To enter, please leave your comment below (or on Facebook) explaining why you want a Where's Wally costume. Because a) I need some way to choose a winner. And b) I really want to know. Why on earth do you want a Where's Wally costume???
The winner will be announced on this blog.

*although it may also have had something to do with the fact that I couldn't find it in my bag in time to capture him.
**this is metaphorical. I don't really have a flying baboon to show you. I don't actually think they exist.
***not wedding anniversary. I don't think he's married. Would you marry someone who wears that outfit???

This is not a sponsored post. I just like Wally.


  1. I want a where's wally costume because my kids love them and are young enough to think that dress up birthday parties are fab - so I can get a free dressup for hubby and I (and torture my hubby so it's win win) for her next birthday!

  2. i bought ur first book of husband last week and i loveeeeee it then ordered your second book last weekend. i just finished reading your little book of anxiety few minutes agos.
    then i googled to find your blog. i fell in love with you the moment i read husband book.

    anyway enough to say my excitement. back to the topic. i want wallys costume so my husband and i can wear them in our sons bday celebration.
    my son would love and excited seeing us in wallys costume.
    we used to play hide and seek. my son always excited when he can find me and my husband. plus we will record the moment and to take lots picture of us wearing wallys costume. just being silly for my son is enough for me and husband to be happy

  3. sorry i should leave my name for above comment.
    excuse me for being so excited to find your blog.
    my name is Jennifer

  4. Hi.
    4 reasons I NEED this costume.
    1) I like stripes
    2)I have been called a Wally more than once in my life
    3) I have a Halloween party to attend this year (first time every), and I refuse to hire something, or worse - go to spotlight and make something.
    4) I will send you photos of me being a wally, in the wally attire

    PS Love your blog (that's genuine. Not intended to persuade you to pick me. But, you also have nice hair - ok, that bit was intended to help my plee)

  5. I'd wear the outfit and stalk you until you found your phone to snap a pic.
    Thanks for the giggles.

  6. A Where's Wally costume for me/the hubby would mean we were the greatest parents ever to my 5-year-old, and make up for February when he is baby brother was born. When he found out we hadn't called the baby 'Wally' after his favourite book character, he cried non-stop for 5 minutes ...

  7. In the US we call him Waldo, I had no idea he had a different alias in australia. He's so sneaky!!

  8. My son & I are Wally fans, I even have the Where's Wally app, just love playing it. My son has wanted me to make him a Wally outfit (he is 29) he wanted to wear it to the Swans games. Would love one now as he is getting married soon, I bet he would wear it to his Bucks night, Not to the wedding, might be stretching that a bit far. As the mother of the groom I could go as Wenda!!! it that could mean no wedding

  9. I love Where's Wally! A few years ago I dressed up as him for dress up day during Children's Book Week at school (I'm a kindy teacher). My costume was nowhere near as cool as these ones though, I found a red and white striped beanie at the second hand shop and got a red jumper and made stripes with white electrical tape. I found some plastic glasses online but they were magnified weirdly and I couldn't actually see anything with them on so I couldn't wear them!

  10. I am a very social, media girl (comma required so as not to confuse the meaning) and my partner is a very social, media guy. We really need a pair of fully sick costumes so we can attend social, media events together as a couple and I think Wally is the perfect theme. Happy to take personal challenges on at said events so you can track the costumes and what they get up to*. *Costumes may not partake in politically correct activity at all times.

  11. I appear to be invisible to ladies so this will suit me completely

  12. I am in the process of reinventing myself ... could be a whole new look for me

  13. My son recently wore a Where's Wally costume for book week, he rocked it.....so I want to win so I can dress up as Wanda and my husband can dress up as Wally and we can all be matchy, matchy.......the idea pleases me no end - go figure!

  14. I am currently in the midst of a year-long challenge where EVERYDAY I have to dress up in a different theme (http://theme-me.com/) I want a Where's Wally costume so that I can dress up as Wally for one of the days. It would seriously help me out - 365 is a lot of costumes!

  15. Clearly I would want a Wally outfit so I could walk the streets of Brisbane and fuck with people's minds. Can you imagine someone with my hair in that costume just going about my business doing everyday stuff?


  16. Because a good man is hard to find, so if we have the costume, I can finally find him! (Just kidding, love my husband!)

  17. I'm commenting, but please don't let me win, because I have a man who I would quite like to keep and the mere possession of a Where's Wally Wally costume that he might at some stage be required to wear would probably constitute grounds for divorce...


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