August 10, 2010

Love: The Sequel

Today, my friends, is a wonderful day. For today, I have finally been united with the great love of my life.

The past few hours have been rather poetic. My son is home with a flu, which is not in itself poetic, but has sparked off this marvellous turn of events.

Being low on food (which again, is not particularly poetic, but bear with me), I was forced to head to the supermarket, with my moderately ill son in tow. Now, many of you may remember the jacket I became infatuated with recently - the one I would have bought in an instant, were in not waaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. Well, my darling son did too. And, on our way to the supermarket, he insisted that we stop and visit it.

"What's the point?" I asked him. "I can't afford it."

"Mum, it could have gone on sale," he told me. "You never know unless you try!"

I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had visited the jacket nearly every day for the past two weeks, and that I had been gently informed by the apologetic sales assitant that the jacket was unlikely to ever go on sale.

"Okay," I said reluctantly. We headed up the escalator.

"Kerri!" I heard a cheery voice call behind me. I looked around. It was my Twitter friend Lauren, adorable curly-haired son in tow.

"Where are you going?" she asked. "Off to visit your expensive jacket?"

Lauren was a prophet! Either that or she had been reading my Twitter updates.

"Er, yes, actually," I said. "Want to come with?"

The four of us trooped up to the shop, which I can now reveal is the absolutely magnificent pink boutique in Westfield Bondi Junction (I didn't share this information earlier as I was frightened one of you would steal the jacket. Then again, one of you might actually have bought me the jacket, but sadly, I didn't think of that until now.

The jacket was still there. I tried it on for the 750th time.

"It's gorgeous," I sighed.

"It's gorgeous," the sales assistant sighed.

"It's gorgeous," Lauren sighed. I looked at her and noticed how beautifully the jacket would go with her outfit.

"Don't you have somewhere you need to be?" I asked her.

I checked the price tag again, just to make sure the jacket was still waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. As my income hadn't increased over the past week, it was.

Suddenly, the manager appeared.

"It's you again!" she said.

"It is," I sighed. (I know. I sighed a lot. What can I say? Love makes you sigh.)

She looked at me compassionately.

"You really want this jacket, don't you?"

"Like I want oxygen," I sighed. "Is it going on sale?"

She smiled at me. "Let me see what I can do."

My heart leaped. My son gripped my hand. We waited for the news.

"I can take 15% off," she told me. "That makes it still extremely expensive, but not as prohibitively expensive as it was. What do you say?" (Okay, so I'm paraphrasing a bit, but that was the general idea.)

"I'll say YES!" I said, and bought my beloved jacket.

So that's the end of the story. And it may only have ended forty minutes ago, but I can assure you:

The jacket and I lived happily ever after.


  1. Kerri, today I NEEDED a fairytale ending. Thank you for giving it to me.
    May the manager of that store be blessed with ever fertile camels.

  2. I'm so happy you own the jacket.
    It's gorgeous...I know this because I, errr, tried it on last week.

  3. Call me biased, but what a magnificent blog! Almost as magnificent as the jacket. Am so pleased you got it - it does actually transform you as described, and it looks like it was made for you :)
    Next time I think we should leave your son looking after adorable curly-haired son riding up and down escalators and BOTH do some shopping at Pink Boutique.

  4. Oh what an appropriately neat, tidy and full-of-warm-fuzzies ending to the story. Well done! It was meant to be.

  5. When's the wedding?

    Most pleased, I think there were quite a few people trying to track that down just quietly.

  6. Hooray! I'm really happy you got it!

    Now, pic with it on please?

  7. I am stoked!! But...what excuse will you have now to "I've just got to go to WBJ for ummmm (trying on my "I can never afford it jacket)...
    I always love a happy ending but I actually love a reduced price more!!
    Go girl - pictures please...xx

  8. I love a happy ending!
    I'm so happy that you got yours!

  9. Yay! I feel strangely victorious on your behalf. A triumph for women with unattainable tastes everywhere!

  10. There really is nothing like a happy ending is there. *Sniff, wipes away a tear* It really is a fairytale ending!

  11. yes, pics please. Or at least the brand?

  12. Please tell me you will not wear this jacket when you make the Meatballs sequel video. Or if it's likely you'll never take it off again, you might like to invest in an adult size bib. I've seen the way you eat :-D

  13. Please show us a picture of you wearing it!

  14. You simply must put it on and post a shot of this devine purchase. I am new to your blog and so love this story, just beautiful.

    Keep entertaining us and enjoy life.
    Cheers Pip

  15. You didn't say it was a Doma jacket! I have one, had to be alone in a dark room with it when it arrived in the post. You'll love it forever

  16. THANK YOU PIP!!!
    Nice to have you here!!

  17. Oh yay!
    We definitely need a picture!

  18. I need to see you in it. Modelling it. In your lover's embrace, so to speak. So, to whit, I suggest either: you do a small youtube rendition of 'You can leave your jacket on', or... No that's it. I'm all suggested out. But please, pictorial evidence of its fabulousness when it's not all, you know. lying down on a bag.

  19. *sigh* A real life fairy tale. :)

  20. *sigh* A real life fairy tale. :)

  21. You didn't say it was a Doma jacket! I have one, had to be alone in a dark room with it when it arrived in the post. You'll love it forever

  22. Yay! I feel strangely victorious on your behalf. A triumph for women with unattainable tastes everywhere!

  23. Oh sad irony. *I* had a perfect jacket. A velvety red, perfect red, very fine-cut cord. It went with everything. I lost it at an airport in my rush to make the boarding line after the announcement, on my way to a certain booklaunch last year. It never turned up in lost property, even though I called and called. Because it was the perfect red jacket- which is now long out of stock AND someone else's. My wardrobe and I have never recovered. *sob*

  24. Oh, I'm not implying any culpability... however from now on, if you ever see a perfect, velvety red jacket... you know who to call!


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