June 28, 2013

Things I Have Learned About Therapy

  1. Therapy is an excellent idea.
  2. If you are desperate to go to therapy, you need it.
  3. If you don't particularly feel like going to therapy, you need it.
  4. If you really don't feel like going to therapy, you need it.
  5. You are messed up enough to deserve therapy.
  6. Your therapist does not think you are boring. See Point 3.
  7. Therapy is expensive.
  8. It is worth the expense.
  9. Retail therapy is more fun than real therapy. However, unlike clothes and accessories, the gains you make from therapy will not go out of style.
  10. There is no point lying to your therapist.
  11. You will catch yourself lying to your therapist.
  12. There are times you will feel cranky at your therapist for no reason. You actually feel cranky with yourself.
  13. If you see people you know in your therapist's waiting room, the protocol is to nod discreetly and do not engage in conversation. At most, a brief 'Hi' is sufficient. Asking 'Oh, what are you doing here?' is not appropriate. Snapping an Instagram pic of the two of you to post on Facebook with the caption 'Therapy Twins!' is even less appropriate.
  14. If you see a famous person in your therapist's waiting room, the protocol is to ignore them. Yelling 'Oh my god! You go to therapy! Wait till I tweet about this!' is definitely not the way to go.
  15. You will get to a point where you don't need regular therapy anymore. (Note: This is not the same as being 'cured'. You will never be 'cured'. No-one is ever 'cured'.)
  16. Your therapist will not be disappointed in you if you return.
  17. You will worry that your therapist will be disappointed in you if you return.


  1. What a great list! I have been in Therapy for 3 years now. Session by session it is getting better. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. I have never done therapy. I probably should xx

  3. Paula @ questionsforwomen.orgJune 28, 2013 at 3:02 PM

    Point 13 is hilarious in a list of great advice. I went once for a spell, for a bit of post-natal + work related issues. I had an a-ha moment in one.

  4. Therapy is possibly the greatest invention in the world bar none. Except maybe the invention of nannies. That's a pretty good one too ...

  5. Another corking list! I think everyone should be in therapy after all we're all works in progress. It's so underrated!I loved therapy so much, I'm now training to be a therapist!

  6. Lauren @alwayslaurenJune 28, 2013 at 3:25 PM

    What @bigwords said :)

  7. I love my therapist. I am seeing her on Tuesday actually. And you are right, you will catch yourself lying to your therapist. But there is no point. It is an expensive lie.

  8. So you've seen a famous person in the therapists waiting room? Any juicy hints?

  9. I probably should attend therapy, but I don't want to spend that much money on it to be frank... That's one thing that I don't like about "therapy" as it seems to be largely something only the affluent have access to... if it really is that good, then maybe medicare should cover some of the expense... (maybe it does... someone correct me if I'm wrong)

  10. Therapists have therapists.

  11. It does John -you can go to your GP and request a mental health plan and you get between 6 and 10 sessions subsidised by Medicare (not completely - I think you have to pay about 40% - but when it comes to psych bills, that's a lot!)

  12. DIY Therapy: mistakes were made, let's move on.

    The end

  13. I don't need therapy. But then again, maybe I really do. I'm confused. Yes I do need therapy.

  14. That's still not a lot really... that would cover, what, about 6 months worth? And even covering 40% of costs, that is still a lot of money to consider...

    Don't get me wrong - This is good to know, and I might consider looking into some short-term help - but it doesn't change the fact that long-term therapy is only something the well-off can afford... I always feel uncomfortable about that kind of inequality in our society...

  15. After 8 years in psychoanalysis, I agree entirely with you Kerry. I consider those eight years to be the greatest experience of my life. No, you are never cured, but you learn the tools that will help you to make the best of things and, more importantly still, not transfer your own neuroses to your kids!

  16. Enjoyed this post, Kerri, loved points 13 and 14! LOL! I think I'm too opinionated for therapy, think I would analyse and advise the therapist too much...I stick steadfastly to the (probably deluded) belief that I am completely and utterly normal and well balanced...

  17. Oh, I should point out that I could afford therapy if I wanted to - but, I'm just not sure I want to spend that much money on therapy... I'm more worried that people who may need it more than me can't afford it, even with help from Medicare...

  18. 6 months?! More like 6 weeks! Sessions are usually weekly, fortnightly at most, so at best it'd be 3 months - which, like you said - is great for short term help when immediate intervention is needed to steer back in the right direction, but for people like me who have deeper issues and need longer term help, it's really just acts as a patch up job - pretty much the equivalent of putting a bandaid on a bleeding wound - stops it for a little while, but if it needs stitches it will eventually bleed through :-/

  19. Yes - they do Carol :-). Love mine to bits.


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