July 27, 2012

Kristen Stewart, Prince Charles, and LOVE

Poor Kristen Stewart. Seriously. She is twenty-two years old, has made a stupid mistake, and is now dealing with the consequences in front of the whole world. Can you imagine that? I've had shocking times with my husband, and it's bad enough when the kids come in and see us fighting, but I can't even conceive of the pressure of paparazzi waiting outside my home to catch us in the act, and teenage girls screaming at me because I've destroyed their fantasies about perfect love. It would be hell. Utter hell.

Kristen is twenty-two years old, and she had sex with her director - an older, handsome, powerful man - when she was off on location. Now, I've been on film sets, and let me tell you, they are seething hives of infidelity. Everyone is doing someone else. I'm not saying it's right, I'm not saying it's fair on the partners, but it is like summer camp for adults, with a lot of stress and late nights and alcohol and spectacularly good-looking people thrown into the mix, and a certain amount of bed hopping is bound to happen.

Everyone interprets things differently, but I read Kirsten's apology and felt sick for her. To me, it wasn't a publicity stunt, or a manufactured statement, it was a direct appeal to her boyfriend to forgive her for being such an idiot. 'I love him, I love him, I'm sorry,' she said, and I wanted to cry.

love love love

I love love. I really do. It kills me when people who are truly meant to be together are kept apart by circumstance or error. I am such a sucker for a happy ending. I must be one of the few people in the world, for example, who celebrated when Prince Charles and Camilla finally got married. Charles had loved Camilla all his life (as a good, loyal tampon does), he had been pressured into marrying the wrong person, and in the end, he was reunited with his true life partner. That, to me, was a fairytale, no matter what a dick Charles was, no matter how completely un-fairytale-like he and Camilla are.

Charles married the wrong person, and Kirsten had sex with the wrong person. The stories aren't similar at all, except that they're both about true love being thrown off its path. I just sincerely hope that, like Charles and his bride, K Stew and R Patz manage to find their way back to each other.

Love is too important to let die over a stupid mistake.


  1. I'm totally with you. I was glad when Charles finally got to marry for love instead of responsibility. And I was hurt on his behalf when his mum couldn't attend because of that same responsibility.
    Good luck to K Stew, whatever happens from this.

  2. I agree with you. I feel so bad for her and for him.

  3. Despite Charles and Camilla not being the most glamorous individuals on the planet, I look at their relationship as being an incredible romance. After everything they've endured, Diana's death etc their love for each other remainded constant for over 30 years. Either that or no one else would have them ;-)
    Who is Kristen Stewart?

  4. It's nice to hear that there are still people out there who believe in real love, and forgiveness. Everyone deserves a second chance. If they truly love each other, they can work it out.

  5. Meh, don't really care either way about Rob whathisname and Kristen Stupid. It's between them and none of our business, I say. Charles and Camilla certainly deserve each other...not that that is any of my business either..

  6. Pffft. I bet Robert hasn't been relying on his hand, only. So she shared herself with someone else. She's not married, so it's her choice. Lucky director person..... :-D

  7. You big romantic, you, Kerri! Love this take on it. I feel so sorry for a young woman who made a mistake. Yes, it's a big mistake but who hasn't done something stupid they've gone on to regret?

    Mind you, I think Robert Pattinson is heavenly. That jawline is swoon worthy.

    They've been living the public love story for so long that I can see the appeal in just doing something (or someone) different for a moment in time.

  8. she is so young and i really felt sorry for her!

    she deserves consequences already :(
    she just... make wrong decision in wrong time!
    i can see that she really loves rob so much so much
    she is just a young girl! gosh! i cant imagine how depressed she is now! she felt sorry, blaming on herself, asking rob to forgive her, and attack by tons of twilight fans, looked by tons of paparazzi! and bad news keep on coming out! no matter real or not. it must be the hardest time in her life!
    i am not saying that she is right! i am also disappointed! unbelievable and worry about rob's feelings! but i do think she have learned from it. i just think she can be a chance, at least not judging her talent by this stuff and calling her this and that! i dont know will rob forgive or not. of course i love robsten so much! but thats they own choices. i have not right to tell what they should do, not like that kind of crazy fans, asking rob to dump her that sort of things. i just support them<3 hope they can handle this stuff and be happy soon

  9. I feel the pain of lost love that Kristen is going through,as my girl is nursing a broken heart at the moment.When she describes to me how it physically hurts... it just rips me apart to see my baby girl suffer so much.
    Unfortunately many of us go through it on our way to meeting the right one.Fortunately not in the public eye as this poor young girl.I only hope she has people who can comfort and guide her through this extremely tough and emotional time.
    I love that you wrote a post about a stupid mistake.Hopefully it will make many see that sometimes thats all it is....just a silly mistake.x

  10. I can't believe you are a fan of Charles and Camilla! LOL. They were both vile to Diana. I am so Team Di. I just can't seem to let that one go. She was the bee's knees when I was a kid.
    But then I was cheated on, so I know how it feels. I have sort of forgiven him and her. It has taken 10 years. Yes, I hold on to things. LOL

  11. She is so young. I mean how old was she when she even got together with RPatz? Unfortch for her, Twilight fans be crazy and something tells me they have been waiting for something like this. I just hope for her sake it all dies down a little and people remember the old glass houses and throwing stones rule x

  12. Yeah, living in the harsh, unforgiving glare of celebrity would truly suck when you've made a mistake. That glare must be increased exponentially for KStew with all those diehard Twi-Fans baying for her cheating heart on a platter.

    I'm a believer in love but also in the adage that if it's meant to be, it WILL be. It's just that sometimes you might have to wait a while. Charles & Camilla a good example of that.

    So live and let love! x

  13. I didn't see this post way back when. I wish I had. I had exactly the same reaction. I at no stage felt that her statement was a spin. I felt it was a young girl (because weren't we all?) panicked and hoping like hell he'll hear her over the cacophany of paparrazi and media/fan insanity.

    And, like you - I was pleased when Charles and Camilla married. I was disgusted by the cheating when he was still married to Diana, but after she had died, they'd divorced etc - I was happy that they got to be together.

  14. I love seeing Charles and Camilla together too.


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