March 7, 2013

When Good Gifts Go Bad

Today I bought one of my children a present. I'm not going to say which one, because I don't want any of you to spoil the surprise. I'm not going to say what it was, because I bought it on ebay, and it may not even turn up. I will say how much it cost, because it was $2.75, which struck me as ridiculously cheap considering that the postage from Hong Kong was free. You can feel safe in assuming it wasn't an iPad, or a car, but it was something very sincere, and anyway, it's the thought that counts.

I love buying presents for my kids. I love buying presents for any of the people I really love. I get ridiculously excited about it. It doesn't matter how much the present costs or whether it is expected or not. It is wonderful to be able to bring joy to someone you care about.

Now, that's not to say that it's better to give than to receive, because of course that is utter nonsense. I love receiving gifts. LOVE it. The problem, of course, is that I rarely get gifts I really love, unless, that is, I have chosen them myself. Occasionally someone will hit the jackpot, but so often it's just not-quite-right. You know - I've dropped hints I want a new purse, but when it arrives it's just that fraction too small; or I ask for a friend to bring back a T-shirt from the US, and when they do it's V-neck tight in the sleeves.

But of course it's all good (I have to say that or I sound ungrateful) and I'm lucky to have people who care enough about me to buy gifts. And I'm certainly not the best gift buyer in the world. Right now I am wearing a fringed vest I bought for my friend Princess Fancy Pants* which I took back when I realised she had never worn it in her life. What's more, my children have discarded at least a third of the presents I've bought them - especially those I was truly thrilled about because they were an amazing bargain at Costco. SO annoying.

This is nothing like the vest Princess Fancy Pants rejected. But it is still a fringed vest.

But I'm totally sure my child is going to love their $2.75 present. And if they don't, I'm going to give it to Princess Fancy Pants.

After all, I'm wearing her vest.

*Name changed to avoid making her sound ungrateful


  1. I hope you're wearing your red bikini with that vest!

  2. Got to laugh at the name "princess fancy pants".

    I don't think I have ever thrown out a gift that I've been given in my life lol. At least not unless it was past usable state any way.

  3. Crap you are funny! Costco, a $2.75 present from Hong Kong purchased on ebay, a fringed vest and Princess Fancy Pants all in the one blog....priceless!

  4. was given a flower press once .... I was choked ;)

  5. I got a commemorative $1 coin in secret santa last year from a colleague. There was a $15 limit and she bought that. The crux of it was she came up to me after and was most sincere when she asked if I liked it and how she put 'a lot of thought' into it this year because she didn't want to buy something crappy.

    Academy Award performance should have gone to me and not Anne Hathaway.

  6. A boyfriend once gave me a Gald Wrap dispenser. Reader, I did not marry him.

  7. Too funny! Been there.


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