June 14, 2012

Guess Who's Coming To Tea?

So here's a bit of exciting news.

I've been invited to morning tea.

(And yes, that would be exciting news in itself, because I really don't get invited to morning tea very often, though interestingly I went to a lovely morning tea for my friend Mandy's son's Barmitzvah on Monday morning, but now I'm rambling in my profound excitement....)


I've been invited to morning tea with the Queen.

Oh BUGGER. I keep saying that. Must have been those darn Jubillee celebrations. I'm a republican, I'm not even that interested in the Queen, though admittedly I did go to Buckingham palace when I was in London and looked out for Prince Harry, and was quite disappointed when I didn't see him, and oh lord, I'm rambling again...

No, I've been invited to morning tea with the Prime Minister of Australia, Ms Julia Gillard. At Kirribilli house. To chat, and, er, do whatever else one does with the Prime Minister (NOT curtsey. I have to remember that. DO NOT CURTSEY.)

I imagine there will be food - tiny little cakes and cucumber sandwiches, and finger buns, and elegant pots of tea. There will be other Women From the Online World present, whose names I will not reveal to you now, for fear of repercussions from the CIA (or is that in America? I've been watching too much West Wing....)

Too much?

Anyway, I feel extremely honoured that my humble forays into blogging have led to such an exciting opportunity. Not everyone gets to have morning tea with the Queen. I mean Julia! JULIA!!! And right now, I am preparing for the event by agonising over what to wear, biting my nails, and practicing eating cucumber sandwiches without getting crumbs all over my top.

Oh, and saying 'A pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty.'

I mean 'Ms Gillard. MS GILLARD!!!'


  1. Just don't wear anything that makes your bum look big!

    Queen? Like Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Or is that dessert? Little cakes. Tea. Don't forget to hold your baby finger out!

  2. How very exciting (and posh). Suspect you will like her. People who meet her face to face generally do . Shame about the wider public, though...

  3. Yay, enjoy morning tea with Queen Julia, oops I mean Ms Julia... oops I mean MS GILLARD! Do you have to take a gift? I think a jar of nutella and a framed photograph of one SB should do it. x

  4. Yay for you, Kerri!!  Well done!  x

  5. I hope she has party rings :)

  6. To be honest, I'd rather have morning tea with the Queen, but this is a step in the right direction.
    Have fun tomorrow.
    N x

  7. Congratulations!

    Hope you have time to discuss some really important issues in between cucumber sandwiches, such as, when will she declare a National Simon Baker Day and the importance of Lingerie Authors. Enjoy.

  8. That is excellent news. The leader of this country thinks that the female online community has something to say. And she's right. Well done ladies.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  9. Do not curtsey and do not tap her on the bum - remember what a faux pas that was when Paul Keating did it (though that was the Queen as well come to think of it!)!

    You should call her Joo-li-ah and mimic her vowels... Or maybe not.

  10. Nice work! Could you possibly have a chat to Ms Gillard about a Nespresso allowance for mothers. It's warranted. And perhaps a vodka allowance and/or cheaper booze taxes for parents. Personally, I'd be happy to forego some of my Childcare Rebate in return for any of those options. God speed!

  11. Just don't wear anything that makes your bum look big! 

    Queen? Like Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Or is that dessert?  Little cakes. Tea. Don't forget to hold your baby finger out!

  12. So ...what IS the Australian equivalent of the CIA? or the FBI? ;-)

  13. So excited and happy for you.
    Your writing is  making a difference...how wonderful  is that.
    Enjoy the  special day.xx

  14. Photos.... we want photos

  15. Kerri, if there are no Nutella sandwiches, run don't walk, in the opposite direction. If Gillard came near me, I'd be doing that anyway. Can.not.stand.her 

  16. How exciting. And clearly the power of bloggers is being recognised by some of those on the Hill and their advisors. I had an audience with the Pope once - me and 10,000 others! I'm sure it will be a more select bunch tomorrow with Ms JG.

  17. If it's truly Australian she will serve hot chips and party pies.

    Enjoy!!! xxxx

  18. Fancy taking some knitting with you?

  19.  I'm in. I do hope you'll write my campaign speeches? It'll be all about free nannies, housekeepers, booze and takeaway for parents.  School to be 7 days a week. Boarding schools subsidised.

  20. Can you PLEASE do a bit where you sit on plastic patio furniture and do your nails and read Women's Weekly and talk about "that lovely girl from Home and Away" - a la Kath and Kim?!!

    Kerri and Julia! :D


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