March 29, 2012

An Australian Girl In London - Part 3

Yesterday in a London taxi the driver said to me:
"Here you go, Miss."
I giggleed, because a) it was so ridiculously British, and b) I am about 15 years past being a 'Miss'. So then I had to give the taxi driver a big tip, because people don't giggle at each other here. That is considered to be very rude.

Yesterday in London I wore inch thick tights under shorts. All the women do it. I guess they get sick of not being able to wear shorts because it is so cold, so they just bung a pair of tights under them and pretend they're on the beach in Bondi. I felt fantastic. Tights under shorts gives you all the benefits of shorts (flattering to the thighs, the perfect note of casual insouciance) but with none of the disadvantages (i.e. you can't see the varicose veins).

Yesterday in London I bought a brownie from an bakery.
"Be careful," warned the Italian cashier. "It has about a billion calories."
"Thank you," I said. And I began to eat. It was delicious. And what he didn't know is that calories don't count when you're traveling, because no-one there is no one there to see your your thighs get bigger. And besides, even if there was it wouldn't mmatter, because you're wearing inch thick tights under shorts.

Yesterday in a London I walked past a small, solar powered waving Queen for the umpteenth time, and for the umpteenth time, I thought about buying it. I do not need a solar powered waving Queen. I will never use a solar powered waving Queen. My husband The Architect will no doubt threaten divorce if I bring a solar powered waving Queen into our big white house. Hell, I'm a REPUBLICAN!!! I don't even believe in the solar powered Queen! But it was so cute and so delightfully waving that I just know I'm going to cave at some stage andd bring it home.

Tally ho, my good men and ladies. Tally ho!


  1. I'll take the solar powered waving Queen as a foster child if the architect feels too traumatised by it. Buy it, I meant.

  2. because they are a tea drinking nation!- albeit - they all use TEABAGS in the pot! and they call themselves British!

  3. I can't stand wearing tights. Or shorts for that matter.  The thought of wearing both together makes me shudder.  The brownie sounds good though.

  4. The last time I wore tights under my shorts I too was in London. I also wore a perm and a stud in my nose. I may have to locate that picture and show you. Or maybe not. Keep having a blast. But stay away from the coffee. Why can't the poms do coffee? xoxo

  5. Excellent use of the word 
    insouciance - say hi to London for me. xx

  6. Tights under shorts is one thing but over here in Sweden I see far too many socks with's like they all like to  just pretend it's warm...

  7. Oh.... I wanna see the solar-powered waving Queen! Can you take a photo?!!

  8. Oh you are funny Kerri! i hope your enjoying the beautiful weather my 'rellies' tell me they are having.x

  9. Kerri, do you realise that if the UK was a republic, you wouldn't be able to BUY a solar powered waving Queen. Viva la democracy.....  ;-P


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