April 8, 2012

Cells In The Spin Drier

I am too tired to write a blog post.

Jetlag from London to Sydney is shocking. I feel like every cell in my body has been removed, put in the spin drier, injected with valium, and replaced in my body. It's not invigorating.

This morning I woke up after a good night's sleep, looked at the clock, and realised it was only 10pm. I'd been asleep for an hour and a half. At 12.30pm I was lying on the floor, desperate to go to sleep again. Tomorrow I plan to take the kids to see a movie so that at least I can get a little daytime nap. I may need to ask the twelve year old to drive.
I may have been jetlagged in London too

A couple of hours ago I took a five minute cold shower (do you KNOW how long that is?) as someone on Twitter told me it will cure my jetlag. Ten minutes later I was ready for bed again.

I hear I will be ready for life again one day. But until then I'm laying low. I've learned many things from my trip to London but two will stand out in my mind for all eternity:

1. Human beings just aren't meant to travel across the world in 28 hours.

2. I'm never going to be an astronaut. If a flight leaves me this wrecked, space travel must be really, really brutal.


  1. Busy-And-Important-Husband won major brownie points at Christmas when he jumped off a flight from London then stood in a four hour cue with the kids to see Santa at David Jones. He likes to remind me of this feat often...

  2. Jetlag is such a dreadful feeling.  We struggled when we got back last year, then one day, it was gone.  Just like that.  In the meantime ... sleep wherever possible x

  3. Kerri - this is the BEST description of jet-lag that I've ever read!  Love it! 

    I remember taking my daughters to a water-slide park when I got back from a wedding in France (they'd stayed here).  Maybe ditch the shower and try shooting yourself out of a water-slide into a freezing cold swimming pool. 

    Didn't work for me, but you never know... 

    (Alternatively, re-runs of the Mentalist?)

  4. Daaarling, Jet lag is vile. Evil. A complete assault to one's well being, and a nasty hangover that lingers for days, that seems to not respond to any amount of Berocca or a greasy hamburger. I remember my transatlantic jet lag from '99 like it was yesterday post my one year jaunt gallivanting around the UK and Europe. My body clock was as confused as a man dating a woman, who didn't know he was gay yet. I suggest you bond with your doona on the couch {in complete Queen of Sheeba style - perhaps even with a bell to ring for refreshments and emergency dosages of Tamazepam}, with a movie marathon to keep your idle insomnia induced mind occupied. You'll be tippety tops again in no time at all. Oh, and massive congratulations on your international acclaim and your new book. Go you! xx

  5. Sadly my jetlag has only got worse with age. Feel your pain. Except not really. X

  6. Kerri, as an ex Qantas staffer, I can say than God it's only jet-lag. It could have been propeller-lag.  45 hours London/Sydney . Toughen up, girl. If you keep writing books, you'll be on an aircraft 6 months of the year  :-D

  7. Get out in the sun in the middle of the day.  It works, it really does.  I always think of it as pentiance for living a life of such luxury that I can experience it.  But it is still horrible.

  8. Neither of the above, babe. I was ground staff, and most of my stories are X-rated.....  ;-)

  9. This comment is a month late, but anyway....a frequent flying foreign friend swears by this, and the airline he works for teaches it to staff. When you get to your destination, have a light carb meal - e.g pasta. Have a hot shower and go to sleep for only 3 hrs. No more. You will feel like death when you wake up but push through until the usual bedtime. Take a melatonin tablet (get a script from Dr) and go to bed. Works a treat. And he has great skin. Just incase that's relevant.


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