September 28, 2011

When I Married The Architect

Today is a very special day. Fourteen years ago today, I married my husband in a quaint beachside ceremony. Okay, so we didn't get married in a quaint beachside ceremony - we got married at the zoo surrounded by a giraffe and seven noisy chimps. Which isn't quite accurate - we got married in Vegas by a Justin Bieber impersonator after knowing each other for twenty minutes. Which is also not true, as Justin Bieber wasn't even born when we met, which shows how incredibly young he really is.

We actually got married on a pontoon moored in Rose Bay, Sydney, and that is the absolute truth.  The Aquashell is a magnificent, architecturally designed floating stage that hosts rock concerts and the like, and is usually moored at places like Darling Harbour. We were the first wedding party to hire the Aquashell, mostly because my husband has incredible vision and style, but also because we were a little nuts.
The Aquashell (minus us)
The Architect and I told only my parents about the pontoon, as we wanted to keep it a surprise for everyone. Naturally the day was overcast and threatening rain, which caused consternation amongst the other guests. They all believed the wedding was being held at Rose Bay Wharf, so were worried that they were going to get wet. All morning I was fielding calls from worried friends: Do you have a contingency plan? What about rain? Smugly, I told them to relax, and that it was all taken care of, knowing the magnificent surprise that awaited.

The Architect was getting ready at his brother's house, and my brother-in-law was concerned about the rain situation.

"What if it rains?" he asked The Architect.

"It's not going to rain," The Architect assured him.

The clouds were darkening. My brother-in-law looked doubtful. My sister-in-law walked into the room.

"What if it rains?" she asked The Architect.

"It's not going to rain," The Architect assured her.

The clouds were getting fuller. My sister-in-law looked doubtful. She left the room in search of an umbrella.

A half an hour later, my brother-in-law was getting anxious.

"But what if it rains?" he asked The Architect.

My husband sighed. "Come on," he said.

He took my brother-in-law to Rose Bay, and showed him. My brother-in-law looked at The Aquashell, and nodded. They got back into the car, and drove home in silence.

"What if it rains?" my sister-in-law asked her husband.

"It's not going to rain," my brother-in-law said.

Later that afternoon, I walked on my father's arm to the Aquashell. The rain held off, and I got on the stage without incident. As the ceremony was being performed, I realized how nervous I was. I was so jittery I was swaying, the ground felt like it was moving under my feet.

And then I realized, I was standing on a pontoon. The ground really was moving under my feet. 

It began to rain lightly as the ceremony ended. I stayed nice and dry under the cover of the Aquashell. The guests around the open sides weren't quite so lucky, and several of them got quite wet. It seems that I forgot in my excitement that rain doesn't always fall vertically.

Later that night, one of the interstate guests got set on fire. But that, my friends, is another story.

Happy Anniversary, Architect. x


  1. Fiona @ My Mummy DazeSeptember 28, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    That's a beautiful story, Kerri! Happy anniversary!

    Just curious, was the testing bit a bit of poetic licence?  I didn't even realise many people used text messages back then! Wasn't that back in the days of pagers?

  2. You got married 1 day and 1 year before the birth of Google.  Yes I'm nerdy.

  3. Gorgeous. Happy Anniversary guys. And Kerri, it's good to see the old memory does still serve you well. I think I better blog about my wedding day before I forget the name of my husband, let alone my wedding date...;)

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a great story. x

  5. er.... yes... that was poetic license (which I have now amended). I was getting calls all day. I think my 2011 brain amended the memory to 'texts'. x

  6. Why do you think I refer to him as The Architect? I can't remember his name.

  7. Kerri, you and The Architect are living proof that being married, can make you deliriously happy. Or just delirious, as you can see from anything I write....
     I suppose I should say, congratulations. Give me a minute........

  8. You SO make me laugh, you old fart....

  9. Congratulations!
    How adorable that you were literally swooning over your new husband.
    Hope you're still swooning over what's-his-name-again.

  10. I think  I need to hear the setting on fire story. That will be the next post right? Happy anniversary xx

  11. Now we know that you have been happily wed for 14 years.... It is a mark of your marital intimacy that you refer to him as The Architect...... And does he refer to you as The Author now?

    Happy IPad Day!

  12. Happy Anniversary, I was married in the summer 14 years ago.  It rained so much all the Australians vowed never to return to England.  Great golf umberellas in our pics though.

  13. Sooooo impressed by the Aquashell! I would have expected nothing less from a man with the vision, the style and the genius of The Architect. Oh, and you too.

  14. Happy anniversary lovely ... What a great wedding story. xo

  15. He just grunts in my general direction.


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