March 10, 2011

The Husband Speaks

Hopefully by now you all will have rushed to Booktopia to pre-order my book and watch the instructional video I made (using 'instructional' in its lesser known sense of 'rude'). Of course, if you're coming to my launch or planning to buy the book in a bookstore then you are excused from pre-ordering, but I highly recommend you still watch the video.

The video is a re-enactment of a dissertation I once gave called "Marital Advice" (you can tell it's a re-enactment because, well, it's a cartoon). I presented the dissertation at a Women's Function a year ago (using 'Women's Function' in the sense of 'Girl's Night Out').

However, the video offers only one side of the marital story - the female's. So, in the interests of journalistic fairness, I give to you: Marital Advice Part Two: The Husband Speaks.

Watch. And learn.


  1. Kerri - why is your 'husband' ALWAYS only wearing his boxers? And why are they ALWAYS those smiley faced ones?

    He freaks me out, this 'husband' of yours!

  2. You have to watch out for those Architects, always trying to erect something.

  3. LOL at Anna!!

    That poor man. But then again, he did turn down Head a few nights ago, didn't he?

  4. He sounds kinda serious that man of yours. Actually, he sounds like the kind of man who might likes smocks ahead of blow jobs??
    Didn't realise you were going to put out a movie before the book? I've always been a "prefer the book" kind of I'm sure you haven't ruined it for me.


  5. Love it! Very funny and cleverly done!!

  6. This dude's voice is as drone like as Julia Gillard's. No wonder his bride nods off during the act. That's if he even gets lucky. I recommend a course of personality injections for both of them, or a vibrator for her , and a free pass to the nearest massage parlour for him. Otherwise, there will be NO Happy Ending.......


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