July 30, 2010

Why I'm Not Writing Today

I am writing this post to inform you, my readers, that I will not be writing a post today. After the kerfuffle* of the past week or so, I am completely and utterly spent.

Firstly, there has been the intense debate of The Chocolate Wars - here on my blog, on Twitter, on radio here** and in thousands of emails being sent behind the scenes. Secondly, there was my post on Mamamia yesterday about whether cross-dressing is a relationship dealbreaker*** which bizarrely turned into a war about whether the word 'panties' is acceptable or not****.

All in all, I am exhausted from expressing so many opinions, and feeling so much raging passion about such important issues*****.

For those of you who marvel at how heated I get in debates (and particularly for the gentleman who SMS'd the radio station asking how I cope when there are real issues), I will say, I KNOW! I HEAR you!

It's a curse, I tell you. It's extremely wearing. But I can't seem to help it. I feel strongly about nearly everything - from whether boat people should be allowed access, to whether babies should ever be woken, to whether preservatives will kill you, to whether Simon Baker is the sexiest man alive. And whilst you may not always guess my opinion, you can be certain I'll always have one. Of course, I do sometimes change my mind, but then I'll feel passionately about the opposite argument. (Except about white chocolate. That's never going to happen.)

So forgive me if I don't write a post today. That would require writing about a topic, and if I have to experience another strong opinion today I think my head is going to explode.

Instead, I'm just going to go read about the election. Bizarrely, I don't have an opinion about that at all.

I think they're both just as bad as each other.

*did you know that is actually a word? I checked it in my Oxford English dictionary.
**though for godsake don't feel compelled to listen. Although I remember very little about the interview I've been told I talked incessantly, insulted the general population, and began speaking in Yiddish when it all got too much.
***I said YES.
****it depends on the context.
*****using 'important' in the sense of 'totally frivolous'.


  1. Lol.

    Even when you attempt to NOT write a post you get all fired up! In Ayurveda it's called 'monkey mind'* and I can literally hear the frenetic chattering going on in your head.

    And somehow you still manage to be bloody hilarious, even when you are supposedly not writing anything :-D

    * Of course I'm not actually insinuating that your brain is anything like a monkey. Although I hear they are pretty clever, and some would argue they are tasty too.

  2. I LOVE UR POSTS Kerrie, but u take some time... it's good just to take a break.. post when and if u want! and we will look forward to it all the more now...

  3. As you haven't posted anything, this is a comment about nothing :-)

  4. Babe, take as long as you want. You've been FANTASTIC this week- rest and recuperate. We have a big week ahead.*

    *Actually, you do. I'll be stuck with my mother and hanging out at the Post Office begging them for my free chocolate.

  5. Monkey mind!



  6. Way to NOT write a post. I learn from you daily Ms Sackville.

  7. Well, I'm just glad I 'didn't' read that! ;)

  8. Simon Baker. Definately. I loved him when he was Simon Denny!!


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