November 14, 2016

the end

If you have stumbled your way onto this blog, you are probably looking me up for some reason. That's nice. I'll look you up someday, too.

Please enjoy this website. I haven't added to it for a long time and I probably won't any time soon. I am lucky enough these days to earn a living from being a columnist, so all my ideas go into paid work. (Also, I still get a kick out of seeing my byline in the paper. And I have a nice profile pic in Sunday Life magazine, thanks to about a billion makeup artists and stylists and photographers and lights. But I digress....)

If you like my work, I post everything I write on my Facebook page. I am also on Twitter, though not as regularly these days, and Insta, though my photos are rather sub-par. Occasionally I post good memes, though. You can be the judge.

If you want to contact me, you can do so via any of those media, or at my email address, If you want to send gifts, please email first so I can be waiting outside to receive them. Chocolates are good. Also cash, or perhaps a kitten. 

No flowers, though. I get sad when they die.


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