June 12, 2015

Ask Me About Dating!

So... a couple of weeks ago I was approached by eHarmony to participate in a series of videos about dating and relationships. At first I assumed I was chosen because I am such an expert in matters of love and sex - after all, I have written extensively on the subject and been on about 17,000 dates with 16,999 different men.

As discussions continued, however, it became clear that the videos would feature a REAL expert in love and sex, and that I would be there as an example of someone who needs help.

Which is fine. Really. I'm totally cool with that. As is my cat, who will probably eat my body after I die alone....

Anyway. I like eHarmony. I've actually met a couple of really nice men through eHarmony (and one dude who turned out to be a complete and utter nob, but that really wasn't the fault of the website). And I'm excited to be meeting Melanie Schilling, the Proper Relationship Expert. I have all sorts of questions for her, like:

1. How long should you chat to someone before you actually meet them?
2. Do you need to give someone a reason why you don't wish to see them again?
3. Why was that dude such an utter nob?

Even more excitingly, as the video won't be shot for another couple of weeks, I can ask any questions that you have for Melanie. You can write them as a comment here on the blog, in Facebook or on Twitter, or email me directly if you want to remain anonymous, at k.sack@live.com and we will address them in the video.

For those of you who do not require dating advice, after you finish celebrating your paired-up status, feel free to ask me about my own dating experiences. I have some super interesting stories to tell.



  1. Alison - Talking FranklyJune 12, 2015 at 10:26 AM

    When I worked for Which? magazine (the UK equivalent of Choice), they did a series on online dating (this is back in 2003) and I was one of a number of staff that took part in the situation research. It was hilarious. Some of the funniest stories came out of it and I met some absolute crackers. All of them loonies, but it was 'controlled' study so I like to think it was the info I had to put in my profile rather than me:-)

  2. No questions, but I will say that my daughter met her husband through eHarmony. This summer they will have been married 4 years and their first child (a daughter) is due just before that.

  3. I'd like to ask why Eharmony matches me, professioanl executive in inner city, with plumbers in bankstown! Nothing up with plumbers in bankstown, of course, but they are certainly not a match for me. This is the same as all my friends who tried Eharmony, complete waste of time and money.

  4. I will totally ask them and get back to you!! x

  5. Oh what a brilliant story! Thanks Mark x

  6. LOL. You in a 'controlled' study? HA!

  7. Alison - Talking FranklyJune 16, 2015 at 8:42 AM

    I can think of no appropriate reply here but felt a definite frisson of pride. High five me. UNCONTROLLABLE. I'm a regular Charlie Sheen. x

  8. My online dating experience went bizarrely well. I joined in late Jan and promptly met a couple of strangely adolescent 40 year olds. In late March I met a nice one who moved in one week after our first date - he did it by stealth, one toothbrush at a time over a period of months. 10 years later we have two kids and he is still nice. I don't think I am a representative sample but I do remember you have to have your bullshit filter on high beam. I estimated that about 65% of things people wrote or said were materially incorrect.


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