May 4, 2015

Even Spokesmodels Wear Khakis (Sorry, What?)

It was inevitable that my #5minute video series with Lana would become an internet sensation. My years weeks of experience as a child actor combined with Lana's mesmerizing instability charisma makes for compulsive viewing - or at least, pleasant background noise whilst you're doing the ironing.

Of course, our popularity can be a little wearing. I am frequently stopped in the street by people waxing lyrical about the wit, humour and seamless wonder that is our online chats. That previous sentence is a lie, but that doesn't in the slightest detract from the veracity of the sentiment. Someone did stop me once, and though it was to ask me if my name was Rhonda, that is but a few short semantic steps from 'wit, humour and seamless wonder'.

Or big semantic steps. But still. Every big semantic journey begins with being asked if your name is Rhonda.

artist's rendition of you watching this video (unless you're a male, in which case sorry about the boobs)

It has often once been said that Lana and I make our videos look effortless, and this is part of our very special gift. Not everyone could get in front of a camera and speak non-stop for five minutes without any script or even the faintest guidelines, narrative structure or thematic crescendo.

And I know it seems discordant and wrong that we don't yet have our own cable television series, but I am quietly confident that it will happen. And a few years from now Lana and I will be stranded on an island somewhere, wearing khakis and dining on ground tusk in 'I'm An Internet Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!'

Which is why this video will come as such a surprise. When you are watching in dazed disbelief, try to remember that even the most talented of spokesmodels stuff up sometimes. And though we are not spokesmodels - and so that statement doesn't apply to us - we make a few mistakes too.



  1. I actually watched that one! ;)

  2. Total trainwreck stuff. You guys need to get some advice from people like Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, who never fail to provide meaningful content..................Ahem. :-D

  3. Bahahaha hilarious. I love you both more after seeing that! I'd love to do vlogging but hell might freeze over before I stop feeling completely embarrassed and self conscious!!!
    I also love that I saw you had another video, thought oh shit there's not enough time to watch it, I only have 2 minutes before dinner's ready and then it was only about 2 minutes long. How considerate of you ladies ;)

  4. We are nothing if not considerate!!!!


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