March 7, 2014


Tomorrow is International Women's Day. And to mark the day, I'm thinking about all that is important to me as a woman. A girl. A chick. A person with a vagina. A mother. A daughter. A sister. A friend.
  • My daughters. I want to raise my girls to live lives of their own choosing, to be in control of their careers, their finances, their homes. I want them to know how to compromise, but how to stand up for what they believe in. I want them to have the freedom and power to follow their own particular paths to fulfillment. 
  • My son. I want him to have everything he wants for himself, whilst encouraging the women in his life to do the same. I want him to be an excellent partner to a nice, feminist girl.
  • My parents. I want to love them and support them as they have loved and supported me. Life is about nurturing those we care about, and being nurtured in return. 
  • My friends. My friends boost me up. They share in my joy. They feel my pain. And I feel the same way about them. I would be lost without my female friends. I want to give to them as I receive.
  • People in need. We need to notice other people. We need to be alert to signs of distress. We can't take responsibility for everyone in our lives, but we can extend ourselves for the benefit of others - as long as we don't stretch ourselves too thin in the process. We need to be kind. To friends, to family, to acquaintances, and to complete strangers (and yes, refugees are 'strangers in need').
  • My body. My choice. I want to have control over the number of children I have (three is enough, thanks). If I want to let my hair go grey, I will. If I want to get my ears pinned back, I'll do it (actually I did). If I want to get a facelift and boob job, well, I'd be fairly surprised, but hey, it would be my choice.
  • My career. I want a career. I also want to work from home and be available to care for my kids. That is my choice and I have been fortunate enough to do it. But there is nothing objectively 'right' about my choice. It is simply what is right for me
And that, for me, is the key to feminism. It's about fighting for choice. I want women to have choices about their bodies and their careers, about their relationships and their finances, about their family responsibilities and their futures.

Women deserve choice, just as men deserve choice. Choice balanced with care. Choice balanced with love.

Happy Chickies day, people.


  1. Spot on! Happy chickies day to you lovely xxx

  2. Happy chickies day to you too lovely one. So long as we all keep fighting the good fight and ensuring we are raising little feminist boys and girls ... the world will ever so slowly become a better place for us all xx

  3. Lana (Sharpest Pencil)March 8, 2014 at 12:06 PM

    Happy Chickies Day to you chickie babe. Love your version of feminism - it's pretty close to mine except I don't use the word fighting (that may be because I am on holiday and there is so much dope being smoked on the streets of San Francisco that I am very peaced out just from walking round the block)

  4. This should be every home's manifesto!
    Chickies Day and International Women's *Life* to you and your community from
    across the seas :)


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