June 24, 2010

Please Darling, May I Have A Shirt?


  1. That horrible wife doesn't give a shirt! And that guy surely has to change his jocks sometime.

    Am watching this and checking Twitter while my husband picks up the kids from school. He dare not complain, but if he does I shall tell him I needed the break from being a busy working mother, and if he doesn't like it he can cook the dinner himself.
    Even though he already does.

  2. One day when you are a world famous film-maker I will proudly tell people "I know her!"
    These videos are so stinking clever. I almost want to go back into teaching so I could discuss them with my classes.

  3. He's going to implode, isn't he???

  4. Brilliant! The timing is sensational!
    Keep them coming...

    Jennifer (jjbd)

  5. I could just smack these two. Compared to them, my marriage is BLISSFUL, and those who know me may disagree.......

  6. You were wicked to give him smiley face underwear, wicked, ...and ironic.

  7. You know when something is just a little too close to the bone to be funny…


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