May 13, 2014

My Trip To The, Er, 'Day Spa'

Yesterday I had a sensationally relaxing afternoon. I had a lovely sleep at about 2pm, woke at about 3.15, was served tea, juice and sandwiches in bed, then spent the next couple of hours lying blissfully in bed as a lovely young woman attended to my every need. All I needed was a mani-pedi and a hot stone massage and it would have been the perfect day spa.

There were three other women in the room with me, and all were equally delighted. Okay, so we'd all had surgery earlier on in the day, but it was such a treat to be in bed for the entire afternoon, sans kids, sans work, sans responsibilities, that we all declared it to be one of the most enjoyable few hours we'd spent in a long time.

Oh, and did I mentioned I was stoned to the eyeballs on pain killers? Because that probably helped too.
Kerri's Impression of her Hospital Stay
Now, I'm not saying that surgery is a fun thing. And I'm not saying my life is so desperately busy that I have to escape to hospital just to get a break. Far from it. Sometimes I escape to the supermarket, or the dentist, or my mother's house, or to space. (Ooops! Sorry. I don't think the drugs have quite left my system yet...) But even when I do escape, there is always something I should be doing. Even when I relax in front of the TV, I know I should be mopping the floor, or making lunches, or tidying the linen closet, or writing another article, or ironing the shirts. (Ha! There are those drugs talking again. I don't iron!!!)

But yesterday was remarkably fun. The surgery was minor (just some women's stuff I needed to get sorted out), there was no pain afterwards (just a few fuzzy elephants and the best cup of tea I've ever tasted in my life), and then I got to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I didn't feel guilty about doing nothing because I had no choice. I was in hospital. There was a cannula in my hand. I was wearing a gown. I was not wearing underpants. And there were elephants dancing around my bed.

Today I am back to business as usual, just with a certain fuzziness of head (and a pet elephant who is following me everywhere). I'm glad it's all over and I'd so grateful it went smoothly.

And girlies, have your regular pap smear. Get onto it. Okay?


  1. Glad you're OK honey. Kiss the elephant for me xxx

  2. Glad you're better - and I agree, there is something comforting about recovering from minor surgery. I think its the lack of guilt from relaxing - and those pain killers are good too!. Sad though that we have to have a fairly extreme excuse, when you think about it, to allow ourselves to relax. Enjoy easing back into things carefully too - and take care.

  3. I don't want to be flip because you know, any surgery no matter how minor is still a big deal.

    But god your day sounded nice!

  4. I'm a good girl, Kerri. I've had my pap smear and mammogram. Do I get a smiley stamp? Glad everything went well for you. x

  5. Damn. Bloody elephant! Knew something was amiss when I got home, the door was open and there were these huge muddy footsteps all over the floor.
    Send him back when you're done, okay? He needs to clean up after himself.
    Oh, and whatever you do, DO NOT feed him cupcakes.
    (the end result is very, very messy)

    LCM x

  6. Glad you are okay and that you managed to get a day of rest. I do think that one of the hardest parts of being a mother is allowing ourselves to take time for us, but it is very important. Have a great week!

  7. I have felt the same after a major remodelling of my insides. Except for the initial projectile vomiting and the pain of sitting up, the stay in hospital was lovely. It had a nice treescaped view, good food and room service and I didn't have to do a thing! Then my family convinced me to come home, damn it.

  8. I love how dopey you can be after those "day spa" visits and nobody bats an eye! Glad all is ok?...


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