February 2, 2014


Does somebody out there know how to make an app? Because I have a winner for you.

Imagine you are out on a date. A very bad date. You are sitting at the table, drinking your latte or sipping your wine, wondering desperately how you can get out of there. You can't text a friend without looking obvious, you can't make up an excuse without looking rude, and your bestie isn't due to call to check up on you for at least another twenty minutes and you just don't think you can last that long.

You shift your weight, pressing one button discreetly on your phone. And within a few minutes, a man appears at the door of the restaurant.

"DARLING!" he cries. "I've been looking everywhere for you! I can't bear being without you for a second longer! Please take me back!!!"

"Oh!" you cry. And though you have never seen this man before in your entire life, you run gratefully into his arms.

You look apologetically at your date. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I didn't expect this... I really have to go...."

And with that, the date is over. You have been rescued.
In Rescue.com, users download their photos and first names to the app. When they are going on a first date, they register their location, and colour of outfit for easy spotting. Then, if they activate the 'Rescue Me' icon on the touchscreen, a call goes out to other Rescue.com users in the vicinity. The first to accept the call rushes to the scene and rescues the user. And the user, in turn, responds to Rescue Me calls as required. It is a Pay It Forward service, giving members the satisfaction of helping others in need (with the chance to meet and embrace utter strangers as a handy bonus!).

Of course, respondees don't need to be members of the opposite gender, or even the same gender if the user is on a same-sex date. One might argue that a woman rescuing another woman on a straight date, or a man rescuing a woman on a lesbian date, adds even more drama and finality to the situation.

And it's not just women who will need rescuing. Men have bad dates too, and will no doubt require assistance, and what better way to be rescued than by a single woman?

So here it is. Rescue.com. Go forth, build my app and let's make money. I promise you I shall be the first to sign up.

Not that I have ever felt the need to be rescued... seriously, this idea just came to me out of thin air....


  1. On it! It is desperately needed!

  2. Oh, can I sign up to be one of the Rescuers!! I'd be ever so good at it!! :)

    (Of course, the fly-in-the-ointment for this idea is that I still don't own a mobile phone... or a car... so it would take me ages by public transport to get anywhere... I really need to think this through more... )

  3. Yup. It's the thought that counts, JJ *sighs*

  4. Brilliant idea! You could even expand this to any other awkward situations you might need to be rescued from like excruciating family get togethers or tedious school assemblies or concerts. Not that I think they're tedious, just an idea...*coughs*

  5. Oh no! You're just being hypothetical *coughs too*

  6. Kerri and John - I think you gave up too quickly John, so I've expended the idea more - rather than an app, instead you (or friend, or partner, or whatever) could set up a restaurant (or bar, or other suitable 'date venue') and John (or someone) could be the 'bailout' waiter (wink, wink, nod, nod - prearranged signal) - there for any urgent rescue needs (that could be the whole premise of the venue - 'first date' - or some-such). Possibly a lot of work (and lets ignore the fact that most food / dring establishments fail, but whatever) - POSSIBLY a market?? (and a whole new career emerges from nowhere, whether or not you wanted it. Maybe there is the kernel of a business idea right there!

  7. I think someone turning up in the flesh (so to speak) whilst 'romantic' is fraught with difficulty! Not to mention time consuming. What you need is to push a button which rings your phone and when you answer, connects you to a storyteller, who tells you such a sad story that you start to cry and have to excuse yourself. This would also be invaluable for other times too - like when you can't stop laughing or when a tradie is about to hand you over a massively overpriced quote!!

  8. I was at a large shopping centre in Melbourne with a friend (female). I turned at the sound of my name being called and she came charging towards me. Needless to say, I opened my arms wide and she rushed in for a securing embrace. True story. She is a widow and some bloke had just tried to pick her up...

    Just to let you know I have the necessary skills :)

  9. LOL ... Oh I so know this feeling Kerri. Sign me up for the app!!!! Yolanda

  10. How funny if two 'rescuers' appeared - one for you and one for him!

  11. This brilliant app has universal application and should be used to escape all boring events, everywhere. The rescuers might be an array of different characters - grandparents, old school friends, loud children (that will drive prospective suitors a mile), aunties...the list is endless. Even personal trainers and accountants ("You forgot your appointment, you must come with me RIGHT NOW!")
    I'm already imagining a number of tedious events I will flee from.... :D

  12. Katische HaberfieldFebruary 3, 2014 at 2:58 PM

    love it


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