October 15, 2013

Social Media Super Psycho Fail

I cannot remember laughing so hard.

Except that it really wasn't funny at all.

I was in Lana's car; we had just completed a spot of shopping. And as she was dropping me back home, she pulled out her phone and showed me an Instagram photo that was concerning her.

"Look at this," she said. "Tell me what you think."

It was a picture posted by a child we both know. And it was really inappropriate. Doesn't matter why, it just was. Very adult. Not the kind of picture a child should be posting. I was horrified.

"God, that's worrying," I said.

"I know," Lana agreed.

"Should we tell the mother?"

"We should tell someone," Lana said.

I thought for a moment. Maybe we were making too much of it? "Let me look properly," I told Lana, and she held out the phone.

Oh my god. What was that the kid was wearing? I absentmindedly tapped on the image to enlarge it.

Oh. My. God.

"I liked the picture!" I cried.

"Oh no!" Lana yelled.

Artist's Impression of Lana at this point

"Oh god oh god I'm sorry!" I looked at the phone in my hand in horror and threw it back to Lana like it was on fire. "Oh god! I didn't mean to!"

Lana was aghast. "Oh no!" she cried. "Oh no oh no oh no!!!!! I can't like the picture! People will think I'm a paedophile! Oh no! Unlike! UNLIKE!"

She tapped the picture again. The little 'Like' heart reappeared cheerily on the screen.

"OH NO!!!" Lana was practically hyperventilating. "I'VE LIKED IT TWICE!!! OH MY GOD!!! I'M A DOUBLE PAEDOPHILE! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!!"

I tried to make it stop. I really did. But I started to laugh. Like, really laugh. Seriously, uncontrollably laugh. With my head thrown back and tears in my eyes and my feet stomping on the floor of the car because it was so damn funny. Visions of horrified mothers talking about Sicko Lana floated through my mind. I clutched my sides and gasped for breath.

Next to me, poor Lana was waving the phone around frantically. "I've liked the disturbing picture!!!" And then she started laughing too. "NOOOOO! NOOOOOO!!!!"

We both sat there, in the car, quite literally falling over laughing. It was the best feeling in the world. Of course, it wouldn't be the best feeling when Lana was banned from having children over for play dates and her son was ostracised from his friends, but for now it was pretty damn funny.

 And then, suddenly, Lana worked it out. "I unliked it! I just hit the Like button again and I unliked it! Oh thank god. THANK GOD!!!!"

And then we both laughed for another ten minutes. And now I'm laughing again just thinking about it. Lana is probably still traumatised. But that makes it all the more funny.

Ever had a social media FAIL???


  1. I like an inappropriate photo, it's tragedy.

    You like and inappropriate photo, it's comedy!


    Great story!

  2. Haha yes I have. Accidentally added ex husbands new girlfriend as a friend on Facebook when I was having a snoop did it on phone and couldn't work out how to unfriend. Frantic dash to laptop to google how to withdraw friend request. friend asking how to withdraw a friendship request. Managed to do it but noticed later she had updated all her settings to private. So embarrassing :(

  3. Ha ha haaaa thanks for the laugh girls!

  4. Ha ha haaaa thanks for the laugh girls!

  5. That is so funny! I do that when I'm stalking Miss 15's instagram I like the damn thing accidentally! So not a good stalker.

  6. Hilarious! Everyone needs a friendship like that - nothing better than finding that person you can humiliate yourself with before dying of laughter and mortification :)

  7. I have only ever taken one photo with my phone, and I've had it two years. It's of Mrs F, and I only took it in case I forgot what she looked like, or if she wandered off when shopping, as she is prone to do.....

  8. DAMN! Can't believe I forgot that bit!!!

  9. Oh yes. @Lana (Sharpest Pencil)` is definitely that person for me!

  10. Kathy www.yinyangmother.comOctober 15, 2013 at 8:55 PM

    Very funny. Its kinda great how we can unlike though - a bit like how tween-teen girls like and unlike each other all the time.

  11. That was hilarious!! It reminded me of the time I was doing some 'Facebook Stalking' on my phone. My son grabbed the phone out of my hand as I was so intensely focussed I was totally ignoring him. As he grabbed it, one of our fingers hit the 'Add Friend' button! I couldn't work out how to withdraw it!!!

  12. Love your story but all jokes aside, how the hell DO you enlarge a photo on instagram to look at something more closely? Drives me insaaaane that you can't double-click or stretch it with your fingers. Is there even a way?

  13. Thanaa' Ra'ifah MarounOctober 19, 2013 at 8:19 PM

    I couldn't share my feelings tags in Facebook through my mobile. I am really feeling bad about it..



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