February 25, 2013

Betrayal... And Forgiveness.....And Olives...

I love my friend Lana. I do. I cherish her friendship, I cherish her unconditional support of me, and I cherish the fact that she nearly always pays for drinks when we go out. (I tried last night, I really, truly did, but she beat me to it. She's sneaky that way.)

However, last night Lana betrayed me in a fundamental way, which left me shocked and desperate. Even now, 16 hours later, I am struggling to reconcile my love for her with her extreme disloyalty. It is hard. I hope one day I will get through this.

We met for a drink at a wine bar near our kids' school, as the kids were busy at a school disco. (For the record, my five year old can dance like nobody's business. The child has moves on her never seen by human eyes before.) We drank a jug of sangria, and split a bowl of olives, and caught up on each other's lives. It was heaven.

I didn't notice anything was wrong. I thought that we were as close as ever. We went back to school and I collected my kids, and chatted and laughed with some of the other parents. All was fine. Or at least I thought it was.

(mouth shown not author's own)

But then I got in my car, and looked in the rear view mirror. And I saw it. As clear as daylight, only black, which is not at all like daylight, but rather like night - very, very black night.

A big piece of olive stuck between my two top teeth.

I was devastated. And horrified. Because Lana, my dear, dear friend Lana, had not informed me that I had olive between my teeth.

I felt sad. I felt betrayed. I felt hurt. And then I sent her a message asking how she could have done such a thing.

"Sorry," she replied. "I was trying to find your ears."

And just like that, I forgave her.


  1. I think you planted that olive there after I left. But I do admit I was trying so hard to spot your ears I may have forgotten to look at your face xxx

  2. bwhahahahaaaaaa!
    Awesome. Nice ears, by the way.

  3. Terrible behaviour, from Lana. You must cut the woman off, for ever. She's obviously doesn't love you enough to tell you, or she's afraid with your new flat ears, you'll pinch all her blokes......

  4. Kerri, you must cut that woman from your life. She either doesn't love you enough to protect your reputation as a sophisticated diner, or she's worried you'll pinch all her blokes, with your sexy new look..... :-)

  5. You owe her several drinks for that!

  6. that was funny, isn't that what friends are for. xxx Rae

  7. Oh, damn. I thought I'd lost the first comment. Neither were THAT funny * Duh *

  8. Friends like that are priceless. Hope the ears are settling nicely.

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  10. I was saved the other day by my 15yo DD that I had 'lippy on the teeth'. Also, I don't mind asking gfs if I look presentable, most women are too embarrased to tell you.


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