September 27, 2012

My Dark Secrets. REVEALED???

There is much talk at the moment about a certain Facebook 'glitch' that is causing private messages from before 2010 to be posted on people's public timelines. For those who are not familiar with Facebook, this means.... Actually forget it. If you're not familiar with Facebook, then you're probably not tech-savvy enough to open this blog and read this post, in which case I'm talking to myself anyway.

I panicked when I heard this rumour about Facebook and began frantically scrolling through my timeline. Then I relaxed when I realised I didn't even join Facebook until 2011, so I really don't have anything to worry about. But it suddenly occurred to me how deeply vulnerable the internet has made me.
me after my private messages are leaked
Some of my direct messages on Facebook and Twitter (messages meant only for the eyes of one other person) would destroy me if they were made public. I know I come across all wise and mature and supportive of all human-kind, but stick me in a private conversation with one of my besties, and some of the things that come out of my mouth (or, as the case may be, fingertips) would appall you. I can be rude. I can be judgemental. I can be shockingly intolerant. I can rant about loved ones and poke fun at strangers. I wouldn't do it publically, because I don't wish to offend (or... you know... look bad) but with one or two select intimates I can be an utter disgrace.

And that's not even mentioning the dark secrets I share with my besties. Okay, so I may not be moonlighting as a call girl, or have a second family hidden away in the country, or be married to the mafia, or sport a third nipple on my bum, but there is a great deal there that is not for public consumption. And up till now I've just trusted it wouldn't be. But what if it was? What if Twitter suddenly spewed all my direct messages into the public domain? What if my email account suddenly became available to all? Oh my god - what if the whole world could access my DIARY???

It doesn't bear thinking about. It does, however, make me very tempted to use the phone from now on. That is, unless my phone is being tapped by the government.

My phone isn't being tapped by the government, is it?

IS IT???


  1. We should be afraid - yesterday I had a really bizarre and awful experience at a local cafe and posted about in on my FB. I'm pretty tech savvy and have my settings so that no one can see my page unless they are a friend.

    yet someone from that cafe firstly FOUND my post and then shared it twice with derogatory comments, lots of them! This person was a complete total stranger. I've emailed FB to find out how they cld possibly do this. it's a major concern.

  2. I object to your statement "...if you're not familiar with Facebook, you're probably not tech-savvy enough to open this blog and read..."
    I'm not on Facebook, never have been, never will be, but I'm certainly tech-savvy enough to open this blog and read it.
    Just because people aren't on Facebook doesn't mean they can't operate a computer.

  3. REALLY??? But Siri would never tell, would she? WOULD SHE???

  4. Of course she would, immediately after she's been dumped for a newer, blonder model.

  5. Oh good Lord, how terrifying!!! I share your terror.

  6. I've just about given up on Twitter and Facebook, so I can't get into trouble any more, can I ? I'll just have to be content annoying people, on blogs like yours.....

  7. I'm laughing... nervously. :-)

  8. *deletes all messages frantically*
    I'd have to move. Find a new identity and cut my hair off.

    I also heard that apple keeps all your questions you ask Siri.
    I am ashamed.

  9. Oh my God, I think I would die of shame. Not least because the shit I spewed prior to 2010 would leave me ashamed to just read, let alone make public.

  10. Nup - your phone is being tapped by News Ltd.
    Cheers Mumabulous

  11. I hadn't heard that. Am pretty sure I should care more cos god only knows what I might have once said. Although... frankly I can't be bothered.

    Is it a bad thing I'm not worried about offending people? Probably.

  12. Holy shit Batman - off to check,,,, Uh-oh.


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