September 20, 2012

Happy From The Waist Down

Today I feel down. This happens sometimes. Usually I don't know why, or how to fix it, but today I am taking a new approach.

I am throwing out my undies.

It's true. I have thrown out several pairs of underwear, and it has helped. Why? I hear you ask. Well, these were Hi-Top undies, those fat-sucking up-to-the-navel undies that pulled everything in tight and gave the illusion of a flat, did-so-not-have-three-kids stomach. They also looked bloody awful, despite their cheery fluro colours, but that was by the by.

Bum shown not blogger's own

I hated those undies. They were effective but uncomfortable. They made me feel fat even when I wasn't, because they were tight and constricting instead of comforting and soft.

So I chucked them out. All seven pairs. Gone.

I've also taken a break from skinny jeans. It's not that I don't like the way they look, because I do. But I need to feel flowy and loose and comfortable. So I've shoved all my skinnies in the back of my wardrobe and bought a nice, relaxed-fit pair of boot-cut-but-almost-flared Levis. I am revelling in them. They are awesome. I could do the splits in them (if I could do the splits in anything). I could do hi-kicks in them (if it wouldn't throw my back out). I could even sleep in them (and I actually have). I may never put on skinny jeans again.

So I am happy from the waist down, if you know what I mean.

But as for the waist up, there's still the small (A cup) issue of a brassiere. But while I'm delighted to set my navel and legs free, I think I'm going to keep the girls at home for a while longer.

Because if anything is going to bring me further down - and I say this quite literally - it's them.


  1. Should have kept the undies to pad the bra!!

  2. Hugh Grant did find the nanna undies sexy in Bridget Jones. Apparently.

  3. I always have a good day in comfortable undies! I'm a nurse, so team the underwear with sensible shoes and a supportive bra and you can call me "matron"
    I do unleash on my days off though with fun, impractical undies and a decent heel - albeit secretly yearning for my matron-chic comfort. As my husband says - the illusion of the naughty nurse is well and truly shattered.

  4. Just be glad you don't have to spend oodles on bras that are designed entirely around sound engineering principles incorporating flying buttresses and force distribution points.

    On the pants thingie, I found one of the first signs I was pregnant was getting sensitive around the waist. Just mentioning. In any case squeezy pants suck.

  5. Um Kerri, I take it you din't throw ALL your undies out ? Is going commando the go, now it's nearly summer.....?

  6. I wont exactly rock that Kazbar but I will rock the kaftan this summer. I've never done the constrictive undies thing but I do still do skinny jeans even though Trinny and Susannah advise against it. Enjoy the feeling of liberation. Love Mumabulous

  7. Cannot go braless... too much milk leakage. But since it has gotten warmer I have found a friend in my floral mu-mu. Don't knock it, wearing the equivalent of a floral tent around the house can be liberating. Strangely enough my partner thinks is is "hot". Though I question that.

  8. I'm feeling a bit miserable from the waist down. I was thinking of investing in some of those granny fat sucker pants you threw out! Maybe I should rethink that - or go on a bloody diet - meh.

  9. Thanks Kerri, I love this story and I'm also definitely "for" comfy undies. Ditto comfy jeans and I don't feel at all uncool wearing my bootlegs from a couple of seasons ago. Bra-less days just don't happen in my life (unless, of course I want to look like a boy!)

  10. I have a recurring nightmare about going to work without a bra on. Terrifying. I am ALL FOR the waist down comfort though!

  11. I hate the pull you in pants! They just seem to distribute the problem to another area!

  12. Hilarious! Never wear those undies. It's ALL about soft and comfy. And - boobs are totally over-rated. THey get in the way and quite frankly I miss being in the itty bitty committee.


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