May 14, 2011

Operation Dishes - UPDATED

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My challenge to bring my book to the forefront of public consciousness has been issued, and already, a few brave soldiers have answered it's call. And while I was doing a bit of covert book placement in stores around Bondi Junction, three of you have yielded fabulous results elsewhere.

Anthropossum nestled me right between William and Catherine and William and Kate, which is about as regal a position as I could ever hope to have. What's more, people can buy the fairytale love story of the royal couple, then read my book to reassure them that even Wills and Kate will be arguing over boxer shorts in another few years.

As noted yesterday, BabyMacBeth got me two across on three whole shelves of a display, which is an excellent achievement in itself. She also got bonus points for placing me next to Kendra Wilkinson, Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend, bringing me just two degrees of separation from the great feminist himself.

And Miffysworld performed an extraordinary feat, getting me listed not only as the number one bestseller for the week, but also the number two! Which is quite possibly unprecedented. And illogical. But who cares!!!!!

Sar_wah made me Pick of the Month at Adelaide airport, which is about as much as I could hope for (except, I suppose, for being 'Pick of the Year', but I'm not even sure they have those...).

muchhyperbole had me in positions 1 through 4 in the Top New Releases!!! Which doesn't look odd at all, but simply implies that there are only 6 other new releases to compete with.

drdrdr09 came up with the ingenious solution of making my book the only available choice in the store. Of course, some of the more cynical amongst you may choose to believe that this photograph is digitally altered, but I have absolute faith that it is real.

My beloved sharpestpencil got me all Top 5 places in the new releases section*!!! All Top 5!!!! Thoughtfully, she ensured that the other books are still sort of visible behind mine, just in case anyone wanted to check them out too.

The remarkably resourceful denwise1 placed me in a supremely cool position, next to... wait for it.... Justin Bieber! Now every mother of a teenage girl will be inextricably drawn to me.

And the very dedicated easypeasykids has me as the number 1, number 2 AND number 3 bestseller!!!! I am not only beating everyone else, I am beating myself!!! How great is that???

So keep at it folks! A fabulous prize awaits the best book placement. And if the book isn't in the store you visit, order it in! A store without Dishes is no bookstore at all (and it certainly isn't a kitchenware store, either).

*which would make her the current front-runner except that she's one of my besties, which actually disqualifies her from winning the competition. But I 'may' have failed to mention that to her up until now....

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