May 9, 2010

Mothers Day. A Time For Receiving.

I needed Mothers Day. I mean, I would have needed Mothers Day anyway, but after a shopping expedition to Coles with two children in tow and a Toddler who had missed her daytime nap after falling asleep for 120 seconds in the car, during which expedition said Toddler became hysterical because I wouldn't buy her a dummy* and screamed for 15 minutes straight and then vomited all over both of us...... well ANYWAY, I really, really needed some pampering.

Mothers Day began on Sunday night with some negotiation. "What time can we wake you up, Mum?" my big kids asked.

"Midday," I told them.

"Six o'clock?" they asked.

"11. It's my final offer."

So eventually we settled on eight am and everyone was happy**. And right on 7.45am, I heard them stomping up the stairs.

"Mu-um! Mu-um! Mu-um!!!" they chanted. I stretched, opened my eyes, and there they were. My three gorgeous kids, laden with gifts, followed by their father carrying a breakfast tray of cold toast and cottage cheeese, a sliced orange, and a glass of Berocca***.

They set the tray on the bed, whereupon Toddler began to eat my orange and my daughter licked the cottage cheese from my toast. Then I was presented with my cards. A beautiful card from my son, made at school, thanking me for all I have done, especially 'buying me a Wii'. A sincere effort from Toddler, involving a scribble on a piece of paper torn from an exercise book. And a crumpled up card from my daughter, retrieved from the bin after she decided it 'wasn't good enough' and threw it away in a fit of pique.

And then it was time for gifts.

Ah, the gifts.

Firstly, there were the gifts the kids had bought at a recent street fair. A cute little pendant on a slim black leather bracelet from my daughter, which I adore. And a thick, red, woven leather bangle from my son, which I appreciate was bought with great love and sincerity. And from Toddler, a rock, which was not bought at the street fair, but was actually picked up from the street, which is even more special.

Then there were the gifts from the school stalls. A free-trade handbag from my daughter, adorned with colourful applique pigeons****. And from my son, a tray, which is the most delightful tray one could possibly imagine (and believe me, trays can be absolutely delightful), and a lovely picture frame, using 'lovely' in the sense that my grandma would use it.

But wait... there's more!

Because my brilliant children had also decorated two boxes for me with the help of their grandmother; plywood boxes with numerous helpful compartments that I shall use to store things that require storage in compartments in plywood boxes. You know. Like string. And paper clips. And the rock that Toddler gave me.

So that was Mothers Day. Beautiful gifts, beautiful children, and a great deal to be thankful for (particularly that no-one tried to make me coffee).

To all you mums out there, I wish you every good fortune and smooth sailing on this crazy journey you are on.

And if anyone wants a thick, red, woven leather bangle, well.... sorry. It's never leaving my wrist.

*And this child has NEVER had a dummy in her life. I think she thinks they are some cool accessory that goes in the mouth. You know. Like a tongue stud.
** Except for me. I wanted to sleep in till lunchtime.
***Thank GOD they hadn't attempted to make coffee. Last year's effort was utterly woeful and I had to tip it down the sink when no-one was looking.
****And regular readers of this column will know how I feel about colourful applique pigeons. Oh no you won't. I've never thought of them in my life.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Kerrie, i scored big time from our school mother's day stall AS I RAN IT!! I organised beautiful organic soaps, the kind you'd want to give a stylish girlfriend as a gift, another mummy (flight attendant) brought back awesome jewellery from overseas. As the coorindator, i put a selection to one side for my 4 children to choose from & bought the rest myself (cost recovery i kept telling the principal!!) It's a win win i tell you. Only two of the children gave me the gifts at 3p.m. on Friday, the other two held out for this morning. Husband even organised flowers to be delievered to a VIP event for me, so i could show off in front of friends, perfect!! Shame he's away, so far i've done 4 loads of washing, washed/ scrubbed floors & toilets, well it's Mother's Day after all - doing what a mother does!! Have fun - i'm taking my 4 grocery shopping this afternoon, just to cap off the excitement. Love Posie

  2. Last night when I put my 8yo daughter to bed herr eyes were alight. I asked "Why are you so happy?" and she replied "Because it's nearly Mother's Day and I can't wait to show you how much we love you". Really.
    They showed it by letting me sleep till 8, serving croissants by the pool and presenting me with two home made gifts and three delightful ornaments chosen with care from the local reject shop and Coles (hey, the options aren't huge here in Broome). THEN my son said "And Dad said after breakfast you could have an hour on the computer with no-one asking you where stuff is," and my daughter chimed in with "And you don't have to play with us at the beach today. You can just read your book."

    I am so blessed :) Great post- wishing you a fab one too!

  3. So glad you're being spoilt and looked after today. Enjoy your Mothers Day xx

  4. Kerri, at times I almost feel sorry for you. Happy Mothers Day. I couldn't be bothered logging in. It's one of my low energy days. fender4eva xxx

  5. Ah, lovely.

    I'm not trying to make you jealous...but I actually slept in until after 9am AND Hubby made me crepes, with lemon & sugar. Gifts were also gorgeous.

    Of course, undoubtedly this is something of a one-off - but I'll take it.

    Once again - not trying to make you jealous here. *cough*

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  6. Sounds like a great day! So many presents! Glad you got spoilt, you deserve it!

    It's looking very funky in here too, love it Kerri xxx

  7. Oh Kerrie, you just made my day. Too funny. I can tick the "scribbly card" box - 2 of them, blesed as I am, but sadly, no cottage cheese or cold toast in (or out of) bed for me. Husband did however, warm up toddler's milk for me this morning. Shucks. And so the day began... (Did I mention I received some ugg boots and 2 jumpers? WHICH I BOUGHT MYSELF AND HE DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER WRAPPING?!?!?). Deep breaths.

  8. I enjoyed reading about your mothers day as I drink a cuppa from the mug master 8 gave me with LOVE MUM painted on it from the school stall.

    My son said he had looked for the other curtain tassel to join the one he purchased from the stall some years ago. The tassel hangs in the dining room which is quite unique. One tassel but it reminds me it's the thought that counts.

    Hopefully, he can find that other tassel next year. ;-)

  9. Happy Mothers Day Kerri !
    My husband and son bought me a beautiful little pot plant, which Mr 5, dragged up the hall way and then put it into bed with me, all the while spilling potting mix both on the carpet and also into the bed. SPECIAL !
    Then the beautiful hand made and coloured in peg basket from school. Seeing as i love washing and pegging clothes out So So much !

    I just keep telling myself, it is the thought that counts , over and over again !

  10. My kids made me go back to bed and made me breakfast. It then took me two hours to clean the kitchen (but they made a mean cappacino with a milky way on the side, and ham and cheese omelette). Miss 7 helpe me eat the omelette and my coffee foam, and Mr 9 ate the milky way.

  11. What a gorgeous day of gifts...and by that I mean, you deserved a day full of bloody gifts! And just FYI, I would've totally bought my 3yo the dummy anyway, even though he doesn't use one either and actually sucks his thumb, but sometimes I just need him to shut his extraordinarily noisy gob.

    I got to "sleep in" until 6.24am at which time I got to make breakfast for all and coffee for hubby before spending the day painting my older son's bedroom because he wanted it changed, like, yesterday.

    But the boys DID pick out 2 lipsticks for me from Target, a tube of volumizing mascara (apparently the 3yo is worried about my lack of lashes) & the best part, the gorgeous cards which they signed themselves.

    So not a day of indulgence, but I did feel like a loved mother! ;)

  12. My kids (8,6,4) waited till 4.30am (you read that right) before waking me with hysterical excitement, lights on , the whole extravaganza. I tried my hardest to channel an earth mother. The 2 big ones made me a cup of tea, the little one a vegimite cruskit. Sweet little presents from their stalls, including a lipstick called Ruby (to give you an idea of the colour) which I had to put on. they did wait till 5am for that request though. It's never quite like the ads is it?

  13. Sounds like you had a lovely mothers day.

    I won't dampen your lovely post with my mothers day story, you can pop over to my blog, if you dare to look into the mothers day future x

  14. Happy Mothers Day Kerri !
    My husband and son bought me a beautiful little pot plant, which Mr 5, dragged up the hall way and then put it into bed with me, all the while spilling potting mix both on the carpet and also into the bed. SPECIAL !
    Then the beautiful hand made and coloured in peg basket from school. Seeing as i love washing and pegging clothes out So So much !

    I just keep telling myself, it is the thought that counts , over and over again !


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