February 15, 2010

He's Back. YAY! Er... I Think....

My husband arrived home this morning from a week overseas.

Actually, that's not true. He arrived back in Sydney this morning. He then proceeded to head straight for work, so technically, he won't be home until later this evening. At which point, I'll probably have stopped missing him.

It's bizarre how much I miss my husband when he's away, considering that when he's here, he drives me crazy much of the time. When he's away, my memories become blurry and softened, like a photo taken with Vaseline over the lens.

I miss my husband in the mornings when I wake up alone, and have to get the kids ready for school all by myself. I forget that he generally lies in bed until the last possible second, before jumping into the shower (usually the exact moment I'm about to step in) and rushing out the door whilst the kids are eating their breakfast. Still, I always get a nice goodbye wave (using 'always' in the sense of 'when he remembers').

I miss him when I'm getting the kids ready for sleep, wishing he were was to help me so that I could get an early night. I forget that his idea of helping to 'settle' the kids is to engage in energetic pillow fights, mad games of toy cricket*, and bizarro, indecipherable games of charades. These excite the kids so much they end up bouncing off the walls, at which point my husband hands them over to me to put to bed. At ten pm.

I miss him after lights out when I'm alone in the living room, longing for some decent adult conversation. Of course, when were are both at home he's generally slumped in silence in front of the TV, whilst I am slumped in silence over my computer. But still, it's companiable silence. If you don't count the nose blowing...

I miss him when I'm lying in our cold, empty bed, knowing that my son's stuffed Shrek is a poor substitute for my living, breathing man. I forget how noisily said man clears his throat at 3am, how vigorously he rolls over, and how arctic our room is when he leaves the air condtioner on.**

Still, he's coming home tonight, and I'll be thrilled to see him. We'll cuddle, he'll get the kids all worked up, and then we'll settle down in silence for the evening.

And within an hour, he'll be driving me crazy again.

Which is just the way I like it.

*an exciting match in which soft toys are used in place of cricket balls; developed for play in small, enclosed areas. Such as bedrooms. Sigh.
**Like many men, my husband considers anything over 18 degrees to be 'boiling'.


  1. Yep, right what the, ah, person above said.

    AND...this could be me writing this post (that is, if I had dark hair, a lopsided ear, a bum finger, was Jewish and an incredibly talented writer).

    Hubby likes to play a game called "Hide From The Aliens" with our boys. At night. Just before bed. He has them hide under the pillows. Then he RIPS them off, pretending to be an alien after their blood. They go WILD. And then they can't sleep. *sigh*

    But I wouldn't have it any other way either.

    Welcome Home Kerri Sackville's Hubby.

  2. Sounds like my place, too - although you'd have to substitute nose blowing for ice crunching to get it just right.

  3. Dear Kerri. I have just bid adieu to Mr Moi for three days. I always enjoy the first two nights, but the third or more I'm very ready for him to come back. And then he drives me nuts.

    BTW did you know Adieu is an Occitan word. Just thought I'd throw that one out there.

    Oh and PS. I'm not japanese spam

  4. Nice to be not alone with the man in life who thinks above 18 means 'you will now hear nothing but complaining about how hot i am/it is/every window in the house must be open) Glad hubby will be home for you :)

  5. Have you checked where your husband REALLY goes when he is away? Because I think he is at my place....Oh how I miss him right now.

  6. To me, marriage, like motherhood and exercise and hip hop music and possibly even chocolate* is best taken in regularly spaced doses... I love my husband and kids more when I get a chance to miss them. Long live the business trip, and all hail whoever invented school!

    Enjoy tonight... at least until he drives you mad again. Then we'll see you back online.

    *Not so sure about chocolate, actually.

  7. hahaha - love how he 'vigorously' rolls over in bed haha this imagery made me laugh. And oh how I relate to the man on tv, lady on computer scenario. But there is something nice in that, it is happening live at my house right now!
    Really enjoy your posts.

  8. Right, so I'm working on working up to missing mine (http://smallactsofkindness-dovic.blogspot.com/2010/02/sex-is-new-black-and-my-7-day-challenge.html) as opposed to just craving singledom (did I just type that outloud?) coz generally most nights are spent pondering exactly what you wrote above :).

    Do you think every partnered mother out there lives the same life?? :)

  9. Oh lucky you, my husband will be away 300 days this year, seriously, crazy, i know, missing him & worrying about him, whole different part of my brain i switch on & off when i need to. He has never been around in the mornings, he's off to training at the crack of dawn & honestly, when he's on leave he can't cope with all the action of 4 children having breakfast, hair brushed, shoes, lunch boxes . . . all too confusing for him. He helps by sitting in the car, opening the garage door & starting the engine, then hurrying me up. Um, not helpful, i do that last of course!! For me, sleeping is so hard, thank goodness for blogs!! Love Posie

  10. You know what? I'm EXACTLY the same way! My husband have frequent business trips out of town, and I miss him like CRAZY when he's gone!

    But only MINUTES after he arrives back, I think, "Could you, maybe, step outside for a few minutes? You're annoying me!" Go figure!!

    Have a great week!

  11. My Mr I is away for a few days and I am home alone!
    It is bliss although the night noises get to me!
    I don't miss:
    having to repeat everything at least 3 times - the 3rd time I screech
    his "was I snoring?" snoring like a chain saw
    the wondering where the FUCK he is after going out to move the cattle 4 HOURS AGO!
    and his non-confrontational, Mr nice-guy, get along with everybody, trusting to the point of gets-ripped-off-easily by bastard shonksters really infuriates me as well as being one of the things I love about him most.
    Not to mention that he is a freak of nature - calm, reasonable, wise, solid-as-a-rock, supportive, loving and tolerant and therefore the perfext ballast to me - fiery, feisty, full on, opinionated, passionate, grouchy and constantly amazed (so naive) that life does not go to plan.

  12. Ah, marriage. Isn't it wonderful? Whenever Mrs F goes away, I miss her for a nanosecond, until I get into my routine. I'm glad when she gets back, but a nanosecond after that, it's back to the pleasure of farting and belching partners, as we pass each other in the hall way. We wouldn't have it any other way...would we ?...

  13. How come we're all living the same life? Now *that's* bizarro.
    Great post as ever Mrs Sackville (thought the 'Mrs' was worth adding today - even though I know this post is old enough for the 'Mrs' part to have worn off.)

  14. You know what? I'm EXACTLY the same way! My husband have frequent business trips out of town, and I miss him like CRAZY when he's gone!

    But only MINUTES after he arrives back, I think, "Could you, maybe, step outside for a few minutes? You're annoying me!" Go figure!!

    Have a great week!


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